• This has never been about building another consulting firm. It’s about making a meaningful difference – and using our talents to “unsuck” the workplace.

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We transform how companies attract, engage and hire top talent.

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We love our mission and our work and we aim to do both right.

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We promote and serve all sorts of great companies.

We help companies stand out in the crowd, attract and hire more of the right people in less time, and help to maintain engagement and commitment over the long term. Learn more at What We Do.

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We seek out people with a passion for talent acquisition and proven experience across data analysis, marketing, technology, sourcing and recruiting. We aim to hire smart, hard working, kind, innovative, curious, fun, entrepreneurial, hopeful, disciplined, motivated people with lots of grit. We hire people who are able to deliver, we give them lots of interesting work, and we trust them to be outstanding.

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Christopher Mengel

Managing Partner & Founder

Chris runs the firm. He brings 20+ years experience designing and building across Talent Acquisition and Marketing.

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Data Analysts & Researchers

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Marketers & Sourcers

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As if improving the way we attract, engage and hire top talent isn’t enough, we offer a great way to modernize your approach.