Employer Tips

How CMO’s Can Build Strong Employer Brands

Your employer brand is a sum of your company’s image and reputation in the market. It also includes every human association, feeling, and perception combined. The employer brand is your company’s “total truth” – good or bad.

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How to Improve Culture Fit: Tips for Recruiters and Hiring Managers

We’ve all been there. Someone hands us a resume and asks us to jump into an interview for a second opinion. When we finally get around to comparing notes, it’s as if we interviewed two very different people.

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How to Use Situational Interview Questions Identify the Right Candidates

Identifying the right candidate for your company begins with holding a mirror up to yourself and to your company’s culture.

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How to Identify Top Sales People

Most companies struggle with attracting, identifying, hiring – and keeping – top sales people. And for good reason. It’s actually one of the hardest things in business to do well.

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Lesson #1: How to Calculate Cost Per Hire

To learn how much your company spends (on average) to hire one new employee, we’re going to use this simple formula:

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How to Write a Good Job Description Summary

Writing a good job description summary will help your company stand out and attract the right talent to the open job.

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Branding 101: Understanding Your Company Brand

It’s been said that a brand must be best in its class, have a unique set of attributes, or be the cheapest in it’s class – for a brand to be number one or two and to claim consumer “mind share”. If it doesn’t “own” one of these three perceptions, then it might be weak in the mind of the consumer.

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25 Insights to Make Content More Shareable on LinkedIn

Ever wonder why some content on LinkedIn gets thousands of “shares” and “likes”, and other content does not? Jiffy Lube helped me find the answer.

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7 Ways Recruiters Can Attract More Good Candidates

Ever notice, that when we make something easy, we can usually get more people to take action? But when we make that same thing harder, we get less people to take the same action. Call it human nature. Or common sense. Or plain old laziness.Read More

How the CMO Can Improve Your Employer Brand Identity

In 2013, Chief Marketing Officers everywhere were told that “recruiting is becoming more and more like marketing every year” (Deloitte / Bersin). Here’s what they can do about it.
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