List of 30+ Useful AI Tools for Recruitment

Here is an updated list of useful AI tools for recruitment.

Arya (by leoforce)

Artificial Intelligence @AryaRecruiting offers automated AI sourcing: it scans the web selecting candidates and arranges interviews.


Cyra uses machine learning and natural language processing techniques to provide you with exactly the right candidates you’re looking for.


The ENGAGE platform allows recruiters to source, watch and engage with passive talent utilizing a dynamic stream of over 100M candidates.


GoBe is a recruiting chat bot that can import your company’s jobs, pre-screen candidates, through customized pre-screening questions, and route candidates to job specific recruiters, your company career site, or your applicant tracking system.

HIQ Labs

HiQ Labs uses AI and machine learning to fine tune HR management. The company’s machine learning, deep learning, and predictive analysis helps executives make future predictions about top talent at risk and mitigating steps to take to retain them.

Hire Abby

Hire Abby is the quickest way to predict a good fit your company without creating a painful waiting game for applicants.


Singapore-based company currently accepting beta invites. Bots for help with candidate screening and candidate engagement.

Jane Chat Bot

Chat Bot designed to help HR teams develop better forms of communication.

Jobo the Job Bot

Jobo is available on Facebook Messenger and Telegram developed in Berlin.


Lets candidates engage with your company 24/7 — they build custom chatbots for your recruitment efforts.

Karen (by Innosphere)

AI matching of candidates for recruiting. Private beta.

Mya (by FirstJob)

Mya automates the process from resume to hire so you can cultivate and engage the best candidates.

Olivia (by Paradox)

AI assistant that allows you to focus on what you do best, while she focuses on candidate capture, screening, scheduling, and candidate communication & engagement.

Paññã (by mroads)

AI driven interview platform for technical hiring.

Pocket Recruiter

AI matching technology that drastically reduces the time it takes to screen, source and evaluate candidates, helping recruiters achieve a higher interview to placement ratio.


AI for IT and technical recruiting. Pomato’s Resume-Analyzer and Job-Matching engine can deep dive and find the right candidates for you in minutes.

Rai (by HiringSolved)

You interact with him/her like a human assistant. He/she can find candidates for your job. I can even help you create and send messages to them. Working with me is as simple as having a conversation.


randrr is the career insights platform everyone can use to make smart career choices.


Scout combines artificial intelligence and human intuition to fill open positions at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional recruiting tools.


Proprietary correlation algorithms quickly synthesizes large amounts of data, allowing you to scale hiring efforts as your business grows. Access full candidate records from multiple data sources including ATS, CRM, social media profiles and spreadsheet data.


HR technology that offers many options for full cycle hiring including video interviewing, sourcing as well as chat bot functionality for Facebook which is the AI component.


AI-driven assistant that handles your busywork allowing you to focus on your most important tasks. Talla can manage employee onboarding and polling, answering basic HR questions, and more beyond recruiting and hiring.


Deploy developer talent, with the push of a button. Offers a network of pre-screened freelance technical talent.


Textio is an advanced machine learning platform for writing better job postings.

Wade & Wendy

@wadeandwendy AI in-house hiring assistant. She understands the identity of your company and intelligently vets and delivers candidates who complement your mission and culture.

Watson (by IBM)

Offering guided analytics and visualizations show you patterns and trends in compensation or attrition. Automated analytics identify factors must likely to contribute to high performance, satisfaction and more.


Job board that has a bot which was first launched on Kik in 2016. Focused primarily on hospitality and retail industries.


As easy as finding a Tinder date. Workey uses AI to compare your unique career history to millions of others to suggest personalized career opportunities in real time. Machine learning lets employment seekers browse through available job opportunities while company recruiters weed through candidates.

An AI personal assistant who schedules meetings for you.


Chatbot recruiting assistant that communicates with candidates in What’s App, Slack, Messenger, Viber, and Telegram. European-based technology company.

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