Interviews to Share Company Culture

We were asked to help an organization share company culture and provide an inside-out view of the heart and soul of the founder.

We started with two questions: How do we get people to take a more serious look at this mid-market consulting firm? And how do we get people to care about this company when all the competition looks so much alike?

In this case, we had the CEO share views about mission, passion, vision, soul, heart, purpose and meaning. We wanted to tease out the real reasons for launching the business.

Why? Because lots of candidates research a company and CEO before applying to a job or walking into the first interview.

Few CEO’s are able to clearly articulate their initial vision for the organization – the reasons why the firm exists. And all to often, when a candidate does research on a firm, this type of information does not exist. We use the CEO interview to fill in the gaps and provide candidates with additional information, and use it to motivate and engage.

We use Q/A interviews, curated videos and biographies to anticipate the questions potential candidates might have about the organization. This can be expanded to including: what innovation means to the company, the importance of goals and a clear vision, innovation(s) in the field, and how to motivation and incentivize teams, build external partnerships and more.

The goal was to create association, develop and trigger a strong brand response, and get a very specific target profile (in this case only a few hundred or so people in the regional market) to make a positive connection to the CEO, employer brand, and organization.


CEO Interview (Q/A Format)


Share Company Culture


Attract and Engage Talent


We use this type of content marketing to strengthen employer brands, improve attraction and engagement and connect people to the organization.