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About our 2018 Talent Acquisition Landscape Study

At TalentSum, our research and findings are a large and vital component of the work we do. In our 2018 Talent Acquisition Landscape Study, we’re doing a deep-dive into what it takes for companies to become great at attracting, engaging and hiring people.

A few of the questions we’re exploring in our 2018 include:

  • How do the best employers make their company more visible and attractive to target audiences?
  • How do the best employer communicate a strong employer brand and compelling value proposition to those they want to hire most?
  • How do the best employers attract, engage and hire new talent, and create a high-performance culture?
  • What strategies, trends and technologies do the best employers embrace to achieve their goals across talent acquisition?
  • What do people value most when looking at places to work?
  • Why do people choose to work – and remain engaged and committed – at their current place of employment?

To obtain this information, TalentSum is conducting a global survey of 1200 C-level executives, business unit leaders and talent acquisition leaders (employers) and 6000 individual participants (employees). We select our target populations for this research based on the following criteria:

  • Employer participants must have revenues above $1 million in revenue per year.
  • Employer participants must be willing and able to share accurate data with our firm.
  • Individual participants being surveyed must be from an independent employer with revenues above $1 million in revenue per year.

Who we survey: Participating Individuals (USA) N=6000; Participating Employers (USA) N=1200 (Breakdown for employer surveys is as follows: Survey #1/Q1 (n=300) is on Talent Attraction, Survey #2/Q2 (n=300) is on Engagement Experience, Survey #3/Q3 (n=300) is on Recruiting/Hiring/Onboarding, Survey #4/Q4 (n=300) is on Retention/Post 90 Day 

What you get for participating: All participating employers will receive pre-release reports of our findings – including best practice insights, ranked lists of industry tools, and how-to suggestions – to help your company become, or remain, a top employer organization. You’ll also receive an invitation to join a webinar where TalentSum will review the results and implications for companies like yours.  

Full Study: Nov 7, 2017 through December 31, 2018; Survey Method: Mixed Mode

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Attracting great talent will continue to be an ongoing challenge as companies look to develop a dedicated and loyal workforce. Through March 31, our team is looking at how the best employers in the United States use their employer brands, value propositions, attraction strategies, tactical devices and tools to attract talent. We’ll also use the moment to uncover what employees view as important and/or attractive – as well as what they believe it takes to make an employer a truly great place to work.

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