List of Useful Interview Tools for Hiring Managers

Here is an updated list of useful interview tools for hiring managers.


Async Interview is a suite of video interviewing tools built to address inefficiencies, rising costs and laborious procedures.


Video Recruitment Experts helping candidates & employers towards better hiring matches with a visual first impression.

CodePair (by HackerRank)

A tool for real-time technical interviews. You can watch a candidate’s coding process, evaluate their techniques, ask questions, and analyze results all in one platform.


Rebranded from Take the Interview into ConveyIQ in September 2017. Changing the way companies communicate and engage with top talent.


FaceCruit video software supports employers pre-screen candidates and helps job seekers create an application to make them Stand out from the crowd.

Great Hires

Great Hires helps deliver an awesome onsite candidate interview experience.

Green Job Interview (now Montage)

Montage Acquires Greenjobinterview


Since 2007, our interviewing tools have helped Fortune 100 and mid-market clients rock their recruitment process.

Hire Vue

HireVue helps global enterprises gain a competitive advantage in the modern talent marketplace with video interviewing software, assessments, and coaching.


We help customer service organizations recruit, select and retain high-performing employees through the innovative use of predictive analytics.


Capture and share real-time interview data for higher quality hiring and a better interview experience.


InterviewStream, the premier provider of video interviewing technology, continues to offer students and talent professionals a platform to prep, hire and train.

Jaba Talks

JabaTalks automates your communication and pre-screening utilizing the power of voice

Job Compass (by EmployInsight)

JobCompass helps people love their work by providing them with a framework to discover and utilize their character strengths more often in their specific job. Washington DC


A digital recruiting and video prescreening solution that enables companies to take control of the employee recruiting and prescreening process – all housed on a brand-controlled, web-based microsite.

Jobvite Video

Jobvite Video is an on-demand video screening tool that accelerates, enhances, and builds consistency in the applicant screening process. The only video interviewing solution built directly into an ATS, Jobvite Video makes the experience seamless and easy for recruiters, hiring teams, and candidates alike.

Kira Talent

Admissions software that makes assessing applicants smarter.


meetr is an online platform designed to automate the recruitment process for employers, while being fun, fair and interesting for job seekers. Employers post their job, pick relevant tests and interview questions for candidates to respond to. Candidates get to apply for jobs in their own time and place and be more than just a piece of paper. Everybody wins.

Montage Video and Voice Interviewing

Video and Voice Interviewing for Enterprises

Paññã (by mRoads)

Paññã is a data-driven AI video interview platform that finds the right talent in the shortest time. Paññã, empowers HR by providing the right set of tools to shortlist the best in the stack of applicants. It provides artificially intelligent hiring, an ever-growing repository of dynamic questions, expert evaluation, recorded interviewing, video conferencing and voice and face recognition.


Pre-employment Assessment. Sort of like Moneyball for Hiring. Predict Certain. Hire, grow, and retain top talent with the collaboration of AI and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.


Hiring Marketplace For Millennials. We facilitate direct interaction between companies and top talent.


A powerful and easy-to-use appointment scheduler that works in tandem with personal calendars and supports businesses in a wide range of scheduling scenarios.

Spark Hire

Robust and affordable online video interviewing solutions used by thousands of employers and staffing firms in 40+ countries.

Talent Sonar

Teams that use Talent Sonar hire from a 30% larger candidate pool. Seamlessly integrate your ATS with Talent Sonar today!


Talentron is a professional hiring tool that provides instant behavioral interview questions & quick, decisive assessments.


Easy digital video interview system with user-friendly interface, no software downloads, custom branding options, recruiter toolkit.


Talkpush is making volume hiring fun and personal again. Talkpush is a recruitment platform that leverages the power of messaging and social media. The solution consists of Stanley, a recruitment chatbot compatible with Facebook and WeChat, which conducts interviews and an application management tool, which allows recruiters to evaluate and hire candidates faster than ever before.


This is a small part of a larger recruitment suite. An advanced video recruiting platform with full customization of workflow systems.Allows you to send applicants to a video interview where they answer your text or pre-recorded video interview questions via-webcam.

Voice Glance

VoiceGlance is hiring tool used by forward-thinking employers to hire smarter, not harder.


Making recruitment simpler, more pleasant, and more productive with video interviewing solutions.

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