8 Cartoons on How Bad Employer Interviews Scare Good Candidates Away

Are you interviewing candidates only to see them walk out the door and never return? Let’s stop this madness. Below are eight examples of bad employer interviews and eight tips to make it all better.


Don’t be weird. And don’t put people in harms way during the interview. Interviews are awkward enough already. There is good uncomfortable and there is bad uncomfortable. Don’t be bad uncomfortable. That is a sure-fire way to lose good candidates.


Don’t make the interview too impersonal. For some, having any job will do. But for other people, being too impersonal will make them run and never look back. If don’t have any eye contact, you are being too impersonal. If you talk about your underwear, you are being too personal. It’s important to know the difference.


Don’t say you are “just hiring warm bodies”. People want to know they matter. If you come across like all you do is hire “warm bodies” then all you will get is zombies. You don’t want zombies working for you. What you need are lots of engaged and morally committed people.


Don’t lose good candidates because you are focused on the wrong things. If you interview a really good person with the right passion and attitude, good credentials, and the right amount of past experience – and still can’t seem to move forward – then you might be the one with the problem. Nobody is perfect. Everyone has flaws if you look hard enough. Even the person sitting behind the desk giving the interview.


Don’t pass off non-benefits as benefits. Everyone has to take care of someone, and some need more, and others can do with less. We all know what a good benefit looks like because we all have friends that work at companies with good benefits. If you want to attract good candidates that take you seriously, you have to offer (at the very least) reasonable benefits. Hint: A first-aid kit is not a benefit.


Don’t talk bad about the last person to hold the job. It’s like farting in public. Everyone will hear it but no one will let on. They will simply take a huge step back without saying a word. Talking bad about the last person to hold the job will turn most good candidates away.


Don’t make the interview too uncomfortable or you won’t get what you came for. A good interview will help you decide to want to get to know each other even better – or stop and walk away. A good interview helps to uncover the truth in each other. A bad interview helps no one. Know how to create a good interview to get what you need.


Don’t be misleading. Candidates want to know if it’s going to be a good place for them to work. This starts with being up front about all the good, and all the bad. If you run a family-run business with lots of people who don’t get along, don’t call it a “passionate culture”. Either fix the problem or own the problem. Or figure out how to turn the problem into a positive. Or look for people who don’t see the problem as a problem. Remember, you can pretty up a pig and fool people some of the time. But eventually the truth will come out.


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