About Us

We Are Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Innovators.

We excel at improving talent acquisition and recruitment for our clients. Our work helps them to stand out with a strong employer brand, attract more people who fit, improve engagement and experiences, and deliver high-performing cultures.

This has never been about building another consulting firm. It’s about making a meaningful difference – and using our talents to “unsuck” the workplace.

We work with you as a true talent partner.

From effective diagnostics, and hands-on strategic guidance to our approach to pricing and our ability to support across a full set of services – we are the right kind of partner to provide support to accelerate improvement in talent acquisition and recruitment.

We bring the right talents and skills to the table.

Transitioning to modern and strategic talent acquisition is a complex process, and the benefits of doing it right are extraordinary. We bring the right level of experience across the full ecosystem to ensure success.

We have experience building in-house and in-agency.

We bring lots of “been-there-done-that” experience across talent acquisition, recruitment, strategy, and marketing to your firm. We’ve founded and run talent acquisition firms, marketing agencies, and strategy consultancies. We’ve led marketing and recruitment departments – and we’ve even launched and maintained new ecosystems in the field. We bring the expertise to deliver tangible results.

We advance and serve great companies large and small.

We help companies stand out in the crowd, attract and hire more of the right people in less time, and help to maintain engagement and commitment over the long term. See our services and focus areas.

Christopher Mengel, Managing Partner and Founder, TalentSum LLC

Chris founded TalentSum because he believes that better attraction, engagement, and hiring works to create better opportunities and brighter futures for everyone – and that a strategic approach to talent acquisition can be a real business driver and bring true competitive advantage. Chris’ vision as TalentSum’s founder and his everyday role at the firm are one and the same: to be an agent of change, uncovering opportunities, and developing strategies that achieve more than anyone expected. Chris is committed to focusing on clients’ needs including delivering the best outcomes for them and continually improving the way that talent acquisition services are delivered.

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