Focus Areas

Working together, we have the power to create change across the entire talent acquisition landscape.

We transform how companies attract and engage their people.

Think of us as your rapid-response team – a mix of seasoned recruitment experts and researchers, marketers and strategists, technologists and data scientists – to help improve the way talent acquisition work gets done. This translates into better talent attraction, brand and culture fit, and lots of high-quality engagement – but just so we’re clear, our business model is not based on “high-fee” recruiting. what??!

Strategic Consulting

We help you align talent strategy with business goals, seize opportunities for improving talent acquisition, and define roadmaps to get you there.

Data & Analytics

We help you understand candidates and employees by collecting, organizing and optimizing data into insights you can use to drive long-lasting value.

Talent Technology

We help you choose, implement and maintain talent acquisition technology platforms and tools to stay current with ever-changing environments.

Agency Services

We combine technology and real people with hard-hitting marketing, scalable support programs, and flexible services to serve in-house teams.

Our Capabilities

TalentSum is a true business consultancy that brings a unique combination of deep domain expertise and core consulting capabilities to address your biggest challenges all across the talent acquisition landscape.

talent acquisition diagram

1: Talent Data & Strategy

Envision and design a clear strategy and build a roadmap to a better future. Collect and analyze data to understand culture and fit, who your true candidates are, what they need, and how they come in and experience your organization.

1Talent Strategy to help align your talent-related programs with business strategy.
2Roadmaps & Plans to help map out a high-performance plan to support your goals.
3360 Talent Audit to measure your state of readiness all across talent acquisition.
4Analytics & Metrics to unlock insights and to improve talent decisions and performance.
5BI/Visual Dashboards to present and share data to make better decisions.
6Perception Surveys to understand truth and “fit” in culture, performance, team and jobs.
7Journey Maps to describe critical touch-points and experiences across the candidate lifecycle.
8Pulse/Feedback to improve attraction and engagement to create greater workplaces.
9Competitive Research to help determine how to effectively compete for the right talent.

2 : Brand Activation

Translate data insights from employees and candidates to create a strategic employer brand and compelling value proposition. Identify your target audiences and develop a consistent and reliable messaging framework.

1Strategic Advisory to develop your brand essence and structure and frame your new approach.
2Brand Audits to discover why your organization is such a great place to work.
3EVP Research to set the strategic foundation and create alignment for everything that follows.
4Culture Assessments to get an unbiased view of your company and the people working inside.
5Hiring Profiles to describe job goals and “best fit” and to share desired attributes and culture.
6Candidate Personas to get the team looking in the right direction for the right people and skills.
7How-To Guidebooks to get everyone working from the same best practice approaches.
8Brand Storybooks to bring your brand to life and trigger emotion and inspire action.
9Brand Videos to tell a story of what it means to live and breathe the authentic employer brand.

3 : Recruitment Marketing

Communicate and connect your employer brand and proposition. Share your organization and engage with candidates using best practices in recruitment marketing.

1Strategic Advisory to help develop a marketing strategy that continually drives top talent to your organization.
2Content Strategy to design and build a content program that drives audience engagement and awareness.
3Social Strategy to optimize sharing across social media (LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Instagram, and more).
4Career Websites help your organization create a dialogue to attract and engage potential candidates.
5Mobile/Micro Sites to improve how you connect with job seekers so that you can expand (or target) your candidate reach.
6CRM Platforms to deliver personalized experiences and nurture strong relationships with potential candidates.
7Video Storytelling to communicate an inside-out view of your organization, culture, brand, people, and location.
8SEO/SEM to help your organization boost engagement and build up brand, traffic, and reputation.
9Editorial Support to ensure your content leverages best practices and is always on-brand.
10Content Media Programs to help you deliver breakthrough content to the right audiences.
11Social Media Programs to help you create and share your brand, career interests and open jobs.
12Employee Referral Programs to encourage current employees to refer candidates for jobs.

4 : Strategic Sourcing and Pipeline Development

Free your in-house team to be ready for what comes next. Identify great talent, gather intel from potential candidates, engage and build relationships, shortlist candidates, build pipelines of talent and more.

1Strategic Advisory to direct your organization-wide efforts toward strategically sourcing the best talent.
2Sourcing RPO to be a natural extension of your in-house team as your project-based sourcing partner.
3Lite Sourcing to do the research and sourcing legwork to support hiring managers as they hire.
4Research Solutions to collect and identify information on people, industry, salaries, competitors and more.
5Sourcing Sprints to identify and engage potential candidates in a short amount of time to meet a critical deadline.
6Market Mapping to identify pools of potential “right-fit” candidates for future hiring sprees.

5 : Recruitment and Hiring Optimization

Achieve optimization of related systems and processes. Leverage best practice knowledge and expertise to design and build out your front-to-back approach.

1Strategic Advisory to help guide the approach toward strategic talent acquisition at your organization.
2Process Review/Design to ensure strategic alignment with the objectives and goals of your organization.
3Program Implementation to help implement short term fixes and long term solutions in TA.
4Hiring Manager Training to get the front lines up-to-speed on how to interview and recruit top talent.
5Onsite/Online Workshops to help recruiters, sourcing agents and hiring managers all on the same page.
6Metrics and KPI Definition to act as a compass and help you see how the organization is performing.

6 : Technology and Tool Implementation

Choose, implement and maintain hundreds of useful talent acquisition and HR technologies and tools used to analyze, brand, engage, source, recruit, hire and on-board.

1Recruitment Marketing Platforms to attract, communicate with, and manage top talent.
2Applicant Tracking Systems to streamline processes and improve overall recruiting efficiencies.
3Chatbots and AI Tools to reduce the work required and streamline the recruiting process.
4Job Advertising Platforms to achieve your talent acquisition goals and increase the ROI of your job ads.
5Employer Branding Solutions (including Glassdoor and Linked) to promote brands, culture and jobs.
6Automated Skills Assessments to help understand candidate capabilities to make better hiring decisions.
7Video Assessment Solutions to identify the best people and help predict future job performance.
8Video Training Solutions to improve learning retention to support hiring manager and recruiter training.
9Video Interviewing Solutions to move faster with structured interviews and share brand-boosting content.
10Social Search Solutions to mine potential candidates on social media and other searchable sources.
11Reference Check Software to automate the collective intelligence gathering to improve talent decisions.
12Employee Referral Tools to increase participation and engage more employees as referral agents.

Why turn to TalentSum?

We’ve been in your shoes – We have real hands-on experience where Talent Acquisition, Marketing and Technology collide – on both the corporate side and the agency side. Our deep and wide experience provides us a comprehensive view of talent acquisition business models, recruiting trends, marketing-centric approaches, market indicators, and new technology developments – and we use all of this to help clients make the best informed decisions that will succeed in today’s marketplace.

We have the right experience – We are experienced in virtually all aspects of talent acquisition, including: talent strategy, data analysis, employer branding, recruitment marketing, strategic sourcing, recruitment and hiring optimization, and on-boarding. We also have business experience across marketing, technology and operations. We’ve not only helped others build up their organizations, but we’ve built up a few of our own.

We are different in a good way – In today’s competitive environment, companies increasingly must real chops across data analysis, talent marketing, technology, sourcing and more to succeed. We’re Data-heads. Strategists. Marketers. Journalists. Researchers. Technologists. Innovators. And we’re ready to help you be great all across the talent acquisition landscape.

We are very very discrete – The work we do requires discretion and confidentiality. We strive for the highest standards in all our work, and believe our clients have come to respect and trust our ability to handle sensitive and important challenges. We know the difference between the practices we can share with others and the “secret sauce” that you want to keep as your own.

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