Elements of a Good Job Description; Steps to Follow

good job description

Want to build up a good job description? Follow these tips to improve your ability to reach and attract more of the right people to your company.

For your job heading, you might want to include the following:

  • job title (keep it simple and search-friendly/keyword-driven)
  • pay grade or range
  • reporting relationship or how role ranks with other positions inside the firm
  • hours or shifts
  • overtime or weekend work

Then…tell others about the company (connect/motivate). Don’t forget to:

  • describe your company’s unique culture and team dynamics
  • describe your company’s values, mission and vision
  • describe your company’s impact or past successes
  • describe the growth metrics your company cares about
  • describe your ideal candidate and the benefit they receive from working in this company

Then…explain the job at a high level (remember perspective; grab attention). Don’t forget to:

  • describe traits/requirements
  • describe essential skills and experience
  • describe top performer attributes (fit across culture, performance and role)

Then…get into the details of the job (serves as qualifiers/filter). Don’t forget to:

  • describe the general responsibilities
  • describe the key tasks
  • describe the level of education
  • describe the level of experience
  • describe the level of training
  • describe the level of technical skills
  • describe the benefits
  • describe the opportunities for growth, collaboration and leadership

Then…include any special requirements worth mentioning (use all this as filter)

  • how much travel is there
  • how much heavy lifting
  • is there prolonged standing
  • are there any exposures to temperatures

Then…describe the impact this person will have

  • describe the position’s value inside the company
  • describe how this person fits
  • describe the benefit of adding this person to the team
  • describe any potential drawbacks (use this as filter)

Then…include a way for candidates to start the application process

  • include “Apply Now” button at the end of the job description
  • possibility include application fields on the same job page
  • let candidates apply with their LinkedIn profile

Then…include a paragraph to include further information about the company:

  • embed a culture video
  • share social media/follow buttons or links
  • include a link to the about us page
  • Consider including an employer email/phone or contact URL so people can engage and ask questions.


• Use and lead with “You…” and not “The successful candidate…”
• Use gender neutral wording

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Elements of a Good Job Description; Steps to Follow

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