Our Focus Areas


When you work with TalentSum, you tap into the services, people, and skills required to solve most problems in talent acquisition and recruiting. Below are our six focus areas:


1: Talent Data & Strategy

We know how to envision and design a clear strategy and build a roadmap to a better future. Our team can help you to collect and analyze data to understand culture and fit, who your true candidates are, what they need, and how they come in and experience your organization.

2 : Brand Activation

We know how to translate data insights from employees and candidates to create a strategic employer brand and compelling value proposition. Our team can help you to identify your target audiences and develop a consistent and reliable messaging framework.

3 : Recruitment Marketing

We know how to communicate and connect your employer brand and proposition. Our team can help you to share your organization and engage with candidates using best practices in recruitment marketing.

4 : Strategic Sourcing

We know how to free your in-house team to be ready for what comes next. Our team can help you to identify great talent, gather intel from potential candidates, engage and build relationships, shortlist candidates, build pipelines of talent and more.

5 : Recruitment & Hiring

We know how to achieve optimization of related systems and processes. Our team can help you to leverage best practice knowledge and expertise to design and build out your front-to-back approach. We can help with the following:

6 : Technology & Tools

We know how to choose, implement and maintain hundreds of useful talent acquisition and HR technologies and tools. Our team can help you to leverage them as you analyze, brand, engage, source, recruit, hire and on-board.

Why turn to TalentSum?

We’ve been in your shoes –  On both the corporate side and the agency side. Our hands-on experience at the intersection of Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Marketing, and Technology provides us a comprehensive view of talent acquisition business models, recruiting trends, marketing-centric approaches, market indicators, and new technology developments – and we use all of this to help clients make the best informed decisions that will succeed in today’s marketplace.

We have the right experience – We are experienced in virtually all aspects of talent acquisition, including: talent strategy, data analysis, employer branding, recruitment marketing, strategic sourcing, recruitment and hiring optimization, and on-boarding. We also have business experience across marketing, recruitment, technology and operations. We’ve not only helped others build up their organizations, but we’ve built up a few of our own. 

We are different in a good way – In today’s competitive environment, companies increasingly must real chops across data analysis, talent marketing, technology, sourcing and more to succeed. We’re Data-heads. Strategists. Marketers. Journalists. Researchers. Technologists. Innovators. And we’re ready to help you be great all across the talent acquisition landscape.

We are very very discrete – The work we do requires discretion and confidentiality. We strive for the highest standards in all our work, and believe our clients have come to respect and trust our ability to handle sensitive and important challenges. We know the difference between the practices we can share with others and the “secret sauce” that you want to keep as your own.

Need some help?

We can help you become great at attraction, engagement and hiring, and help maximize results across the talent acquisition landscape.

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