List of 60+ Freelance Management Systems; And How Not To Drive Yourself Nuts

Earlier this year, we began working on the TalentSum 2018 Talent Acquisition Landscape Study – our own deep-dive research initiative to explore and share what it really takes to become great at talent acquisition.

A small but important part of the project is to identify and make sense of all the relevant talent acquisition tools we can find. But we’ve already identified more than two thousand, so we’re shifting our efforts toward organizing, comparing, and evaluating the ones we have – while still keeping our eyes peeled for other obvious needles in the haystack.

It’s important to note that for the purposes of our research, we’re focusing only on applicant tracking systems, Chrome extensions, chatbots, artificial intelligence tools, video interview platforms, talent marketing and candidate relationship management solutions, and more. Not staffing firms, RPO firms, strategic consultancies (like TalentSum), and so on.

But there’s a challenge. Even after you break two thousand solutions down into a dozen or so categories, you’re still left with some really big numbers in most categories. And having to choose from twenty seemingly equal choices can be enough to drive anyone nuts.

Consider the word “gig”.

There are dozens of solutions with the word “gig” in their company name. There’s OnGig and GoGig and GigPlug and Gigwalk and GigNow and Shiftgig. There’s also SkillGig and SoloGig and TechGig. There’s one agency called GreenGig. And another one called NewGig.

There used to be GigBasket and My Perfect Gig and Referagig, but they all went out of business. There’s a content provider called WordGigs and a development service called Gigster. And there are multiple aggregation sites with gig in their name. Bonsai’s Gig List is one of them and they ship fresh gigs each week to your inbox.

The good news is that if you are looking for an actual gig (or a freelance management system) you have a plethora of choices.

As you can see, having enough options isn’t the challenge. Identifying and choosing the right solution out of many – and doing it without driving yourself nuts – that’s the challenge. And this is where my company, TalentSum, comes in. Give us a chance to be your strategic talent acquisition partner and we’ll keep you sane.

Are we missing your favorite talent acquisition tool? Tell us about it and we’ll add it to the list above.


Christopher Mengel is the founder of TalentSum LLC, a strategic talent acquisition consultancy and best practices implementation firm. Some of the world’s most notable companies partner with TalentSum to activate a strong employer brand, attract more people who fit, improve engagement and experiences, and deliver high-performing cultures.

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