The Future of Talent Acquisition is Change

Like never before—I believe we are right in the middle of a transformation in the way talent acquisition work is done.

I’ve worked at the intersection of marketing and talent acquisition for almost two decades and it has long been my opinion that the traditional approach (read as “transactional”) to attracting, engaging, and hiring talent is not the best model – definitely not where we’ll end up in year 2500.

Where will the future take us? What is the “holy grail” of talent acquisition and recruiting? Will there be an “easy button” that when pushed transports the one most qualified, best fit, most interested candidate to your office? Or will someone in the world immediately start working for you? Will there be predictive chips under our skin or in our head that provide realtime data about our potential? (I certainly hope not!) Or will it be something else entirely unthinkable?

I figured since I didn’t know what I didn’t know, that it was time for me to get back to basics and rethink all earlier assumptions, and try to view the situation through a new set of optics.

I designed a self-paced curriculum and got back out in the field and talked with over 100 CEO’s at length about what mattered most to them. (And I’m impressed by how important quality-of-hire and culture fit seem to be to most executives – especially in companies with over 30 employees.)

I also ran many ideas by people in my network, built up a few of the best into “live” web-based projects, and even launched one employer-media platform concept I thought for sure was going to work. Unfortunately, the feedback I got was that it was far too many steps away from the actual problems that most CEO’s are trying to solve. Closing it down, I knew I was that much closer to solving the actual problem.

This process of “trial by error” (read, apply, iterate) has radically shaped, and even simplified, my thinking about what’s really important to companies (and candidates) and about where the field of talent acquisition is headed.

One good outcome from all my effort has been the creation of a set of solutions designed to help companies boost attraction and engagement, strengthen and amplify employer brands, improve candidate quality, reduce hiring costs, shorten time to hire, and even lower 3rd party agency usage – all at the same time. It’s not pretty, but it works. And over time I’ll make it better.

And there are no setup fees, no hidden fees, no placement fees, or surprises of any kind. You can learn more at

As a real world example, for a leading mid-market employer we identified and translated their employer data to build out actionable insights. We used our findings to improve their internal processes, strengthen their employer brand, clarify and validate their employer value proposition (EVP), and reposition all content and core messaging related to their firm as an employer.

We developed and launched an entirely new career site (in fact, we also did the whole corporate site as well), rewrote every bit of career content, and even helped the team select and implement a brand new recruiting software to increase applicant flow, employee referral, candidate engagement, and internal team sourcing.

We analyzed their true competition, and are now mapping out their real candidate audiences, creating rich candidate personas/profiles, revising and improving internal workflows and processes, and building out structured (executable) plans to improve awareness and sharing with the right target audiences. And while we’re doing this, we’re also building in candidate pipelining, shortlisting and even providing additional sourcing support to help them build up talent pools of right-fit candidates to hire.

All of this works together to strengthen competitive advantage, improve quality of hire, and make it easier to hire in the future. And it helps to move capital to other areas of the business that need it – instead of losing it to outside high success fees.

Nowhere during this process do we practice actual high-priced recruiting. (what??!). Instead, we focus our efforts on delivering the right combination of best-practice data analysis, marketing, technology, sourcing and insights to help companies optimize across the entire talent acquisition landscape and improve the way they attract, engage and hire their people.

Need our help?

If you know someone who’s been struggling to embrace the future of talent acquisition, TalentSum can help. We are designed to help show improvements across access-to-talent, candidate engagement, quality-of-hire, and speed of delivery – and most of the time we can do it for less.

Are you a CEO or talent acquisition leader looking to improve talent attraction and engagement inside your company? Check out our capabilities and pay-as-you-go plans, or share this with anyone you know looking to a build a thriving talent organization, optimize across the talent acquisition landscape or improve in-house recruiting capabilities for less. We are best suited for companies with over $5M in top-line sales and more than 20 employees.

TalentSum combines data, marketing, technology, sourcing and insights to help companies stand out as a better place to work, attract and hire more of the right people at a lower cost, and maintain engagement and commitment over the long term.

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