How Great Companies Use Talent Data Profiling To Win

The worlds best companies spend a considerable amount of time digging through their talent acquisition data, to draw actionable insights that give them a competitive talent advantage. It makes a lot of sense when you consider all they can do with it.

The best companies use talent data profiling to create actionable insights to help them stand out in the crowd, attract more right-fit candidates, and improve their ability to make good hiring decisions. They use them to shape employer brands and employer value propositions (EVP), and even fix job descriptions that stink.

The best companies use talent data profiling to draw actionable insights to help them attract more of the right candidates into the company.

They use them to empower their marketing and recruiting teams to get everyone inside the company communicating with the same clear and focused voice. With the right messaging everyone becomes a “brand ambassador”. This alone can dramatically improve their ability to recruit more of the right people.

The best companies also use insights to better understand the qualities, character traits, and attributes of their best internal employees. This in turn, helps these companies to visualize and attract the right external candidates they want most.

Tapping your talent data to draw actionable insights can be one of the most useful things a company can do to gain a competitive advantage over time. That’s why the best companies do it.

Shouldn’t we all be doing this? Yes, we should. And I believe that with a relatively small amount of initial data, you can too. How you ask? Simply follow the five easy steps below to get a few of your own talent insights. And then use those insights to attract more right-fit talent into your organization. Let’s begin…

Step #1 – Know the truth about your company from your employees.

Survey a few of your employees, and ask them what they think of your company and employer brand. Get an objective third party to do it if you can. Not sure you want to hear their version of the truth? Well guess what? You probably won’t like it. But isn’t it better to know the truth than be kept in the dark?



Step #2 – Make sure all employees feel connected to the company.

Ask your employees how emotionally connected they are to the employer brand, and to your company. If the majority of your employees experience a weak connection, you have a serious problem. Why? Because weakly connected employees are often uncommitted employees. And it’s much easier to poach uncommitted employees than highly engaged and committed ones. Ask the ones who feel the strongest connections why they feel that way.

Step #3 – Share the company story and give all employees the updated script.

Have someone dig into your schedule to see the last time you pulled your employees together to keep them informed or to share your company story. Getting everyone together is a great way to promote your culture and show others that you care. How long has it been? Did you know the best hires often come from employee referrals? Giving everyone the same updated script to share with others is not only good recruiting, it’s also good business.

Step #4 – Let employees (safely) share ideas and views with you.

Set up a temporary suggestion box to solicit ideas from employees if you haven’t done this already. Ask them to drop a note with suggestions on how to improve the company. Don’t just tell them to come to you with ideas. Provide them a safe way to express their views and feel involved. Far too many employers believe things are just fine when they are not. Get something in place that works for you.

Step #5 – Learn about your best employees to understand your ideal candidate.

Ask around to see if anyone on your team has ever taken the time to define some of the capabilities, attributes and character traits shared by key employees inside your company. Having this information will dramatically improve your ability to attract right-fit candidates. It’s really quite simple. If you want to attract right-fit candidates, start with what you already know. You probably have a few living and breathing examples of right-fit people already working inside your company.

Remember, if you use some of your data the right way even some of the time, you can begin to see more of the right candidates walk through your front door more of the time.

Still don’t know where to start? You can get most of your data from your HR department, applicant tracking system (ATS), referral system software, analytics tools, or even past employment files. If you have nothing at all to work with, then consider launching a brief poll or survey. Or try walking around and asking questions. Do something (anything) that helps.


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