30+ Great Recruitment Videos That Attract Talent

Your recruitment video is an opportunity to show others what it’s like to work inside your company, explain current open jobs, and share things about your corporate culture. Here are over 30 great employer videos that hit the mark.

Below each video, I’ve added my raw thoughts immediately after viewing the related video. Keep the following questions in mind as you watch the following recruitment videos:

  • Are these companies more interested in creating employer brand resonance or brand awareness?
  • Were you able to learn anything about their DNA, their core identity, or what they hold most dear?
  • Imagine the person they are trying to connect to, or appeal to, in the video. Who is the candidate most like? What kind of attributes or skills are they looking to attract into their company?
  • Did the videos do a good job of tapping the deep? Meaning, did it move them at a deeper level? Were they aspirational, meaningful, purposeful, passionate? Or were they unoriginal and forgettable?
  • What specifically did the company hope to accomplish with the recruitment video? Is there a clear call-to-action for viewers? Do you think they will motivate people to act?
  • Do you believe these videos were effective? Did they do the job they were paid to do?

Off we go…

The Home Depot

The Home Depot uses this recruitment video to explain their team, leadership, and learning cultures. It describes the benefits, excitement of working with The Home Depot, and what is means to work with them.

In the video, employees talk about what the company stands for and share a bit about the corporate philosophy. It talks about expectations and indirectly speaks to responsibility and accountability.

At the 2:10 mark, an employee talks about how the company “is all about pride, it’s about excitement, it’s about commitment, and it’s about taking care of each other as a family.”

The chance to belong, to be relevant, to stand out, to be proud of yourself, to work hard and earn your way forward, and to live a life at work filled with meaning, purpose and fulfillment. To actually have a chance to be a part of “ownership” – to have real accountability. To be part of something that is going to be around for a long time. Without actually coming out and saying it, The Home Depot might be implying that it is unique and special and stands tall, and that if you come to work with them, you will too?

Cake Marketing

Cake uses this recruitment video to give us a sense of setting and culture, and to set a tone for the company and it’s people. Notice the work/fun imagery. They have the office (and cubes), and clocks with international time zones, and employees talking about what they can do and their value to clients. And then they take us to the beach and show us fingers drawing easy-sweep lines in the sand, and employees learning and having fun as a group. Back and forth it goes. Work. Beach. Back to work. Back to beach. By the end, you feel as though you know something about their work culture, beliefs, interests. And you really want to go to the beach.


Amazon uses this recruitment video to build trust and help us visualize working at Amazon.

It opens with a big office and then jumps to Jeff Bezos. Then back to the office. Then a few people and a testimonial and a rooftop and more testimonials. Then back to Jeff and more testimonials and more office images and then distribution warehouses – and tons of product and machines moving even more product. You get a real sense of how big, important – and integrated into our lives – Amazon really is. It’s not for everyone, but it will appeal to some. And the right number of “some” is all they need. Right?


Kontagent uses this recruiting video to show us inside the company. “Kontagent is a big idea packaged in a nice sized company.” is how this video opens. The CMO talks about liking to build from scratch. We see Post-It Notes being used for rapid problem solving. People can excel and grow and there is a lot of opportunity. Most accept their offer. Great culture. Everyone enjoys what they do. They are all friends, “sort of”. It’s a flat hierarchy and they understand deep analytics – and it’s only the beginning.

Notice how this one is very different than Cake Marketing’s video? Get the sense that they employ smart people – many with good consulting backgrounds – and that they like to work hard and probably all want to get ahead in their careers? Notice how they are trying to appeal to high achievers and those with a growth-mindset, and not people trying to maintain their current status and effort at work. Might even be indirectly saying “We want people who want to get ahead. If this is you, you will want in.”


Gorilla uses this recruitment video to share what it’s like to work inside the company.

This video opens with an American flag, some city/office shots and people talking. But notice,…the most important aspect of this video is not what you see, it’s what you hear, as well as what you don’t.

It talks about how they have innovative roots, are special and passionate, are growing and help shape markets. They tell you it’s a collaborative environment, and that they provide you with access to best-in-class clients. It tells us they want innovators (like them) who are true team players with great attitude. What they don’t come out and say explicitly, and don’t have to, is that they also want to attract expert-level people who demand respect, value prestige, and see themselves as better than the rest.

Carrot Creative

Carrot Creative uses this recruitment video to share their unique culture with us.

It’s shot at an intersection in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn (with the Manhattan Bridge in the background) that speaks to their hip and cool nature. Graffiti, skulls, tee shirts, scooters, (the) orange sofa, and beer. They will appeal to people who carry a very different view of “corporate”. Different. Cool. Easy. Tech. The video states “carrots come out to play”. Do you think they play all day? No. They probably work hard and put in whatever time is necessary to get the job done. Real estate is not cheap in Dumbo. But they want us to know they have a great time doing it their way. And they want to attract people who respect that and buy into their way of thinking.

The Shoe Company

The Shoe Company uses this recruitment video to share what it’s like to work inside the company.

Fun and flexible, The Shoe Company is a place where you can advance. They might appeal to students because they seem to be speaking to things important to the young. Friendly, flexible, fun, can work around your busy schedule, start your career today, and so on. They tell us a bit about what they expect in an “associate”. Good customer service, friendly, good sense of humor. But also disciplined and willing to show up on time and work. Notice how they added their career site URL near the end to make it easy to see.


Vimeo uses this recruitment video to give us an inside peak into their culture, building, and teams. This building is actually very cool – and located (I think by the look of it) on the corner of West Side Hwy and W 18th St in Chelsea, NY.

They say they are “weird – and seem to be okay with it. And our host (Andrea) walks around the office and meets with employees and asks them what they do and why they like Vimeo. It’s a very casual, uncut video. One guy was asked how long he’s been employed and he says four years, and our host says, “Grampa” – implying that it’s okay or even expected to have short tenure. It’s a strong, and very real moment when our host explains that a divider is positioned so “she can’t get any closer” to what looks like technical people writing code. So she leans in and reaches out and tries to touch the back of one of the guys sitting. And a long moment of silence. Good touch. Then (what seems like ) an argument with an annoyed employee. Lot’s of people working at desks or laying down on sofas or “plugged in” working. You get the sense that they are very real, probably all smart, often sarcastic, possibly weird, and just disciplined enough to work how they want to work to get the job done.


In this aspirational recruitment video by BBH, young Charlie tells his class what kind of company he wants to work for. Every other kid talks about the occupation they eventually want to have. Then Charlie tells us what he wants in life – and he dreams big. He tells us he wants everything from donuts to flight – and girls. Will the girls dig you if you work at BBH? Maybe.


This Zoosk recruitment video gives us a tour of the office – and shows us all the things that will make us fall in love with it on Day One. Catchy tune. Notice the imagery that connects back to their brand and business of match making. Open spaces, group lunches, chop sticks. Heart puppets and lots of love. Without using any words, they share a lot with us. They trust that candidates will be able to navigate their site to locate to the careers section. Good use to brand imagery in this video.


AT&T uses this job shadow recruitment video to explain the role and speak directly to young people. They use a real-life story to share why it makes sense to join AT&T. It speaks directly to a specific target candidate. This promotes more than a job. It encourages us to consider expanding our view of “job” to include mentoring, expanded network, advisory, and surrounding yourself with people that care about your early career. Want to get ahead in life? This job will provide a great jump start.

U.S. Air Force

This U.S. Air Force recruitment video is just plain cool. Past Presidents and swooshing jets represent the best of America. And if you work at the U.S. Air Force, you will also. If you want to truly matter and start your new career with purpose and meaning, join the U.S. Air Force. Who doe this appeal to? Where does someone who is interested go from here to sign up?


Rackspace delivers a strong visual inside-the-company-view with this recruitment video. Shot during one Friday, we get a peek inside their office. Notice the cool slide tube ( has one as well). Food trucks, awards, smiling faces, beards and fish ornaments. Disco balls and push scooters. Business suits and casual dress. Pep rallies. Executives running with arms up in the air. Then some kissing and a view of a very large office in an office park somewhere.

You get the sense that there are lots of happy people doing great work inside an open airport-hanger size building. A sense of community. An extended work family? Notice the visual with the couple kissing and the woman holding the baby in the background. Maybe they have daycare – or maybe they are just flexible. But at the very least, you get the sense that whatever Rackspace provides, it’s just about right for that woman.


This Dropbox recruitment video shows us inside Dropbox – and starts by telling us they are in Austin. They make it clear they are not “just another Dropbox office” in Austin. They invest a lot of their time selling Austin. This video is introducing talent on working in Austin. From where? Maybe from LA, San Francisco, or East Coast candidates that don’t want to move (all) the way across the country. It seems to be trying to expand their talent base and attract talent from both Austin and from east of New Mexico?

This recruitment video by is showing the lighter side of their culture and business. Feels a bit like “The Office” doesn’t it? They use the video to sell their placement services, their “awesome” customer service, and their common / friendly touch. It does the job of showing us they are fun and easy – but did it go too far? Is this a serious place to build a career? Do they actually do real work? Or do they haze and joke around all the time? It’s just fun enough, and does hold your interest. It just might do the job. But what job is that?


Deloitte recruitment video on why it’s the best place to launch a new career. Where you begin your career is important. Options. Happy. Challenges. Helping others. Get paid to learn. Responsibility. Be taken seriously. Travel. More options. Still have a life. Extended family. And you can still have fun and have a life outside of the firm. They end with people telling us they “launched their career here” – which speaks not only to how stable Deloitte can be, but also how much room to grow while employed there.


This Apple recruitment video talks about the dedication, work ethic and detail required to be at Apple. Apple never gives up. They let you push the envelope. You need to be really good at what you do and have potential to be top talent. Great people working hard on great problems make great things happen. They work on something until it’s “the best”, not simply good enough. Notice how the tone changes at the 1:30 mark when they start to discuss the products and how products fit together.

If good enough is never enough, and if you have the skills – and already believe and use Apple – then you can become an expert by working inside Apple. And this will set you free and you can do your part to change the world. It closes with someone helping you decide that Apple is the best, most value-add, and most meaningful option in front of you. And to many, it is. This video might also appeal to current employees and help them see they really are where they should be. Does it also work to engage and keep employees morally committed? I think it might.

Meltwater Group

This recruitment video for Meltwater GroupSoftware opens with a view inside their different offices so that we know they are global. Next, employees tell us they went to Harvard, studied cultural studies, international business, and economics. Notice how young the Managing Directors seem to be. Victor (at 1:25) looks to be about seventeen years old, though probably in his 20’s or early 30’s. They explain the experiences and international exposure you will gain, the challenges you will deal with, the lessons you will learn, and the problems you will solve. A consultants playground…

To work at Meltwater you need stamina, energy, intelligence, and be able to work at a fast pace. Notice how different this video is from earlier ones – especially Carrot Creative and Vimeo.


Zendesk introduces their team(s) and uses the video to tell us they are great, and that we should join them. They are international, in San Franciso, and have greeters. We get a clear sense of the space and location, both inside and out – and they take it down to the local level and show us where some employees get coffee and lunch and the parking lot behind the building. Then they show the larger community and the Golden Gate Bridge. Then some fish and teams, and people in the different teams. Then they show a chair without you that needs you. And then someone eating “salted licorice”. Then cut to their product, some hugging and then they actually say the words “man boobs”. Then they show more people working, making coffee, dancing, and then close with a few interesting faces. It closes by telling us that “Zendesk does not hire ass-holes.” And asks us to “join the crew.”


Google opens this recruitment video with people telling us how great the other people are and how awesome it is to work at Google and all the things that make the company so special.

Notice how the lava lamps connect (color-wise and dot-wise) to the Google brand. Our host takes us around to talk with other Google employees, and asks them what makes Google exciting. We see into different offices and the Google Plex. We learn about the “Google 15”, their life/work balance, child care facilities, free food options, and more. This is a much longer video than most, but it covers a lot of ground.

They are looking for people with high energy, commitment to fast responses and passion for great work and great engineering. It closes with one of the founders explaining how they solve technically interesting problems. Our host asks us to see for ourselves – and figures if we are what they want we will know how to get there.


Starbucks uses this video to get people to see how it’s a great place to start a career. You can come back after interning. You can get recruited right out of college. Notice how close to the center of downtown the offices are. The video explains lunch-and-learns and shows us how they go on boat cruises. This is a place that will listen to your ideas. You will be given the opportunity and the support and the experience will stretch you. There are others just like you here. You will be valued and you can make a difference. It’s a great place to learn and grow. Notice how it speaks directly to younger people entering their career.


Facebook uses this recruiting video to talk about working at Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg opens by telling us you don’t need to have a lot of experience to come work at Facebook. But you do need to be bold, think different, be smart and better than others. It asks for people willing to try – even if they fail. (Fail forward?) Facebook wants people who see the gap, solve big problems, jump in early, have an impact, and are willing to come to work with a sense of urgency. If you have determination and a powerful imagination, come to Facebook and help them lay the groundwork because they have such a long way to go, and you can still get in early with lots of opportunity. used this recruitment video to look for a developer. Why does this video make me think of the comedian Sacha Cohen and Dollar Shave Club? (oh, now I know why; because they actually mention DSC). Wow. They actually say the following: “So, if after watching this video you have a warm, tingling feeling in your stomach, you might be the perfect match for us. And we ask you to submit a resume as soon as possible. But if that warm tingling feeling is accompanied by a pain or burning sensation, then you might have an S.T.D., – you should probably go see a doctor.” Nice…

They close with the open tech position and the job requisition number so you can include it in the subject heading of your email – and/or go look for it on their career site. Good thinking on that one!


Hubspot uses this video to show us something about their culture and vision. They are building something big and it hopefully resonates. They have a “Good judgement” vacation policy, no-door policy, and indirectly force you to interact with others. They are super smart, get work done, and know and use the latest technologies. Go help Hubspot build a once-in-a-generation type of company. They fade away with Dharmesh Shah walking back inside the office. This video does a lot. It shows us a view into their culture, their offices, people, technologies and that they expect people to join who have good judgement, “high wattage”, emotional intelligence and are intrinsically motivated.


Google uses this recruiting video to talk about working at Google. This is a much shorter video than the other Google video. It’s much faster paced, and looks like an older video. It may be a satellite office? I added this one because it was the only one for me that was hard to pay attention. Something about this one was forgettable. Agree or disagree?


Shopify uses this as a recruitment video to show us inside the company. Shopify has been growing and they open by showing us their teams, food, personality, and open offices. You get to do what you love and won’t be “trapped in some cubicle hell”. That will speak volumes to so many people out there watching and listening. You can explore your creativity and people will embrace it at Shopify. This video says a lot in a short amount of time.

adidas Group

In this adidas Group video, employees discuss how they make greatness happen. It explains what drives them. “This is what drives us. The feeling of discovery and the urge to innovate. It’s hard work inventing the future of sport. And that’s why we love it.” It doesn’t come out and ask you to join. It simply says that “Together, I think it makes us one of the strongest organizations in the world.” Does this do enough to move the reader to act?


AdRoll uses this video to tell us why you should become a DEV Roller. They open by telling us the problem they solve. We see the kitchen, their offices, and people. The CEO tells us he has a technical background and why it matters. Then he gets into the technology. If you are a technical person, does this work to attract you? How important was it that the CEO was speaking directly to you and reveals his technical background? To some, a lot.


In this video, Harley-Davidson York Manufacturing Facility employees talk about how they are exporting freedom around the globe every day. It’s a great story of people who believe in America, freedom, and craft. It speaks to pride, shows great (and beautiful) product on the plant floor, and touches the soul. Cutting edge technology, clean factory floors, hard working people producing great and perfect product they actually use and are proud of. “Everybody has a right to freedom”. And if you join, you will become a part of exporting freedom to the world. Can’t join the Army? This is right up there…


Barclays uses this video as a customer video and recruiting video. It’s (kind of) funny and works to share that they are snatching up top talent all around. It’s simple and short. Does it work? It just might…


Apple uses this video to recruit primarily for their Apple Store Leader Program. Why not work in the Apple store! They offer leadership experiences, and you will be proud to call it “home”. It allows you to do something more. Allows you to help others feel special. Which also means you will feel special. Even a former investment firm consultant feels at home! Apple is inventing the industry. Notice how this one appeals to potential store leader candidates from the banking and financial industries?

And our personal favorite is this one by Dropbox.


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