Helping People Visualize Career Pathways

We use the “Hasslehoff” to highlight a person and their occupation – and we showcase an ability, virtue, attribute, or character trait that we believe helped that person succeed.

How do you teach career progression and make it interesting, educational and fun? Harder still, how do you use that same opportunity to highlight one key quality or characteristic that helped that person excel in their chosen occupation. Our aim is to shed some light on what was required deep down inside the person to help them succeed.

[pullquote]The goal of a Hasslehoff is to make an example of someone who has achieved.[/pullquote]

[highlight1] We use the Hasslehoff to showcase someone’s career and make it interesting and fun. We try to use the moment to highlight one important ingredient that helped the person succeed. [/highlight1]We open each Hasslehoff with a brief summary of the career and we rely heavily on curated videos and biographies found on the web. We then work to weave a narrative around a key quality or characteristic. We include one or more funny moments in their career, and we try to keep the focus on the insight we are looking to explain. We include a section called “How He/She Did It” and use that time to prove out the insight. In our original Hasslehoff, our readers met David Hasslehoff, an American actor who was told had little promise, but surprised everyone and starred in one of the most watched television shows in the world.

All to often, we learn about people well after they have become successful or “arrived”. We rarely see and understand the total sacrifices and navigated steps required to stand out in the field. We use the Hasslehoff to provide some of that insight.

Helping People Visualize Career Pathways

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