How to Attract More Candidates Into Your Company

Employer cacophony is making it harder to break through and attract more candidates that you really want to hire into your organization.

Too many organizations try to attract and hire talent by talking about how their people are “the best”, and that they only hire “the best”. Is it any wonder that many (well intentioned) recruiters start their conversation with how they, and they alone, have access to “the best” candidates. Are the people you are trying to attract really listening, and is this “the best” that you can do?

If my people are the best, and your people are the best, and we are all looking for the best, then what are we saying and who is really listening?

If you are an employer struggling to attract more candidates into your organization, take a moment and review the content on your career site and job descriptions. What do you see? If all you are doing is talking about “the best” this and “the best” that, you might be limiting your ability to connect.

There is nothing wrong with being proud of employees and telling the world that they are the best talent around. In fact, I believe more employers should do that. The problem is that “the best” gets tuned it out because it’s overused, vague, and too subjective. What does it mean to ask for “the best” anyway? Instead, try to reframe the conversation and speak more clearly to the “the right-fit” person. Doing this will dramatically improve your ability to attract and hire the people you want most.

To attract more candidates, consider the following…

(1) Dig into your talent data to better understand your next hire

Do you know who performs best inside your organization? Get to know your current high-performance individuals to understand which qualities, character traits, and attributes you want to attract. Having this data will help you align your messaging and value propositions correctly and help you speak to the right audiences. You might think you need to hire aggressive sales people who are all “high Ds” (DISC). But what if your data shows you should be focusing instead on people who have a military background, have “grit”, or are extremely disciplined? How would this impact your messaging, content, and style of communication?

(2) Shape your employer brand and value propositions to attract more “right-fit” talent

Do you have a strong employer brand in place? What is the single word, or essence of your employer brand? What word best describes your organization’s intrinsic nature or soul? Communicating your employer brand is more than the words on your website. It’s also made up of how people experience your organization, what you say and how you say it, what you do and how you look, and more. Do you know all of the dozens (or hundreds) of touch-points, where candidates relate with your organization? Do you know if you are pushing people away or attracting them? Are you clearly and distinctively positioned so the right candidates are attracted to your firm? Knowing this will improve your ability to attract and hire talent.

(3) Optimize across experiences and technologies to make it easier to apply

Do you have the right programs, platforms, and processes in place to attract the right people into your organization? Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are all the rage but some are hurting your chances of hiring the people you want. If you hire mostly interns and students and your career site isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s going to be hard to reach this target group. How many people simply opt-out and decide to connect with other employers because it takes too long to apply on your site?

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