TalentSum: A Better Approach to Talent Attraction

We’ve all heard that attracting talent, and keeping employees engaged and committed, is a critical business objective and yet, most companies fail in their efforts and continue to rely on the same outdated processes and solutions.

Imagine that all 13 of the people in the image above are highly-qualified, with the right experience in your select field. Want to hire them? It might not be as easy as you think.

Studies show, on average, less than seven will be attracted to your organization and want to work for you. Maybe four will have enough interest to apply to join your firm. But sadly, even if you are lucky enough to hire all four, only two or three will stay for a full year. You’ll be lucky if one or two remain fully engaged and committed for more than two full years.

We need to do a better job at creating organizations that attract good people, bring them into the organization, and keep them engaged and morally committed over the longer term.

I’ve seen some of the best employers struggle to cope with competition in the market for top talent. Most are under serious pressure to meet the company’s growth objectives. Far too many struggle to stand out in the crowd, attract the right talent, improve quality of hire, and maintain engagement over the long term.

The pressure inside the firm is considerable, and the picture looks even more bleak when we think about all the macro-level dynamics playing out in the local and global communities, including: huge shifts in demographics, gaps between available skills and those really needed, the declining number of STEM students, and the increasingly flexible and mobile nature of today’s workforce which, each day, is becoming more global and highly connected, technology-savvy, and demanding.

[blockquote] Relying solely on “post and pray” and “filling open positions” to attract and keep a talented workforce isn’t enough. A more strategic approach can produce far better results.”[/blockquote]

I believe in order to build a thriving business and gain real competitive advantage, organizations must consider adopting new and forward-thinking approaches. Getting people to work for a company can’t only be about “filling open positions”. The future of talent acquisition is about rethinking employer strategies and technology options, understanding data to make more “right-fit” hires, improving the ability to stand out in the crowd, upgrading views related to “employee engagement”, caring about becoming a desirable place to work, and driving a sense of ownership throughout the entire organization. This is where TalentSum comes in.

[pullquote]”Our mission (roughly stated) is to help employers attract, engage and hire the right talent and become the kind of place people want to work at and stay committed to.”[/pullquote]

With emerging and mid-market employers in mind, TalentSum combines analytics, marketing, sourcing and technology to transform how companies attract, engage and hire people.

I’m excited about the journey ahead.  Helping employers to stand out in the crowd, attract the right talent, make better hiring decisions, and maintain engagement over the long term is very exciting business.

PS: Check out our services and our areas of focus and please share this with anyone looking to improve the way talent acquisition work is done. 

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Christopher Mengel
Founder, TalentSum

TalentSum: A Better Approach to Talent Attraction

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