Talent Insight: Working Employees at Top Employer Brands Make More Quality Recommendations

New data from TalentSum shows working employees at Top Employer Brand Organizations are more likely to make quality recommendations.

Recently TalentSum gathered data that reflects how much more engaged people are that work at top Employer Brand Organizations. According to Christopher Mengel, Founder of TalentSum: “We know advocacy, personal emotions about experience, and general care for employees and candidates go hand-in-hand, and Medtronic, Unilever, LifeMatters and KMRD Partners are natural environments for better talent attraction and engagement and commitment over the long term.

Employees working at top Employer Brand Organizations make recommendations more often: 42% have recently recommended a friend or peer into the organization, vs 7% of all other firms. Candidates with a positive experience write reviews more often: 37% have recently provided a positive review of the employer, vs. 3% of those with three or more negative touch-point experiences.

Using insights from TalentSum, employers can see improvements across talent attraction and engagement, deliver better in-house programs, and optimize their talent acquisition landscape. The findings also point out that those who rely most on outside third-party contingency search or retained agencies trail more often across employee referral and commitment.

One conclusion that can be made based on this data, is that employees become more positively (or negatively) attached to the employer brands depending on the level and quality of attraction and engagement prior to an employee’s first day of employment.

About TalentSum:

TalentSum, a talent acquisition consultancy, delivers predictive insights and a portfolio of consulting services that lead to better results across the talent acquisition landscape. Our pay-as-you-go, member-based approach helps to equip and support companies as they work to optimize their talent acquisition function and improve in-house recruitment capabilities. As a result, our companies stand out in the crowd, attract and hire more of the right people at a lower cost, and maintain engagement and commitment over the long term.

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Talent Insight: Working Employees at Top Employer Brands Make More Quality Recommendations

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