Our Job to Be Done? Talent Attraction and Engagement

Everyone here at TalentSum is focused on helping companies to be great at talent attraction and engagement.

Some people understand this to mean that we help companies to uncover and translate talent data, strengthen employer brands and clarify EVPs, improve recruiting programs and workflows, deliver content and marketing, optimize candidate experiences and career sites, select and implement technologies and tools, build up pipelines of candidates, and so on.

But all of this misses a much larger point. While we thoroughly enjoy the work, none of this is really what companies pay us for. It’s not their “job-to-be-done”.

[bctt tweet=”A strong focus on the job to be done will help you deliver real client value.”]

Companies pay for us to help them do something they can’t do themselves. And in this case, it’s helping them to be great at talent attraction and engagement.

So, whether a company wants to create a unifying employer brand or create a new career site, what they are really trying to accomplish is to be great at talent attraction and engagement.

…which makes quality of hire and culture fit go up and cost of hire and time to hire go down.

…and creates a real competitive advantage that helps the business thrive.

It’s really quite simple. Keep your eye on the real “job to be done” and you might actually win the war. Don’t, and you might end up with something like this:


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