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Hire TalentSum as your strategic partner. We'll get you moving in the right direction.

Your strategically-minded, objective, and experienced partner ready to help tackle and accelerate progress on your most pressing issues and challenges across the talent acquisition ecosystem.

TalentSum Pro was designed for the busy talent leader or CEO looking for an effective “co-pilot” to jump in to help shift perspective, shape the future, reimagine experiences, or thrive in chaotic times.

Whether you need strategic intelligence and roadmaps, competitive research and trend forecasts, or bespoke consulting expertise across data analysis, employer branding, talent technology, and candidate sourcing and recruitment optimization, TalentSum can provide the fresh viewpoints and momentum to help you innovate all across the talent acquisition landscape.

Modernize Talent Acquisition with TalentSum Pro

Our objective is simple – provide our clients a low-barrier, cost-effective alternative to the traditional consulting model. We begin with a discovery session to learn more about your company and then we come to an agreement on the right blend of strategic, tactical, and transactional work you will need from us to deliver talent acquisition success for your organization.

For most, discussions begin with “tip-of-the-spear” issues such as:

  • defining your core issues or challenges
  • developing a new strategy and plans
  • building implementation roadmaps
  • activating the employer brand and EVP
  • designing or enhancing experiences
  • choosing the right ATS and technologies
  • operationalizing or optimizing TA programs
  • and so on.

Working as a true partner – with your interests as ours – we’ll handle everyday conversations by phone, text, email, Asana / Slack, or other – and make sure to be available through daily, weekly or monthly check-ins, ad-hoc breakout sessions, and more.

There’s a good chance our initial discussions will move us to collaborate in a variety of other ways, including:

  • facilitating or joining a visioning session to discuss talent strategy and business goals and then help architect strategic themes and build out supporting tactics
  • conducting ethnographic research to help the team get ‘under the skin’ of a critical problem
  • conducting online research or in-depth interviews to capture critical insights to support strategic decision making
  • providing analyst support to deliver at-a-glance product evaluations or competitive research
  • providing support to help develop or validate best-in-class profiles, personas, ideas, or beliefs
  • joining an immersion workshop to quickly address multiple related issues
  • holding dedicated meetings or one-on-calls to help move technology-related issues forward
  • helping to develop implementation roadmaps, process designs, new employer brands, and even recruitment marketing and social media programs
  • helping to develop or maintain various talent pooling, sourcing, and recruitment marketing initiatives
  • supporting the delivery of complex consulting projects and/or ATS and technology implementation

Once you have a focused, strategic approach and a clear path forward, you can have us stand down, continue as your partner to provide ongoing support, or engage us to take the lead in putting your new implementation plans and roadmaps into effect.

Everything we do – from making partnering on strategic issues easier and more affordable, to how we approach planning, drive implementation, and execute programs to deliver better outcomes, as well as the option to hit the “pause” button and our promise to leave behind all intellectual property – is designed to solve your problems and also neutralize conflicts of interest.

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