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Hire TalentSum as your strategic partner. We'll get you moving in the right direction.

Strategically-minded, objective, and experienced partner ready to help tackle and accelerate progress.

TalentSum Pro was designed for the busy talent leader or CEO looking for an effective partner to jump in and provide the fresh viewpoints and momentum to help innovate all across the talent acquisition and recruitment ecosystem.

TalentSum Pro is Pay-as-you-Go

Our objective is simple – provide our clients a low-barrier alternative to the traditional consulting model. We begin with a discovery session to learn more about your company and then we agree on the right blend of strategic, tactical, and transactional work you will need from us to deliver talent acquisition success for your organization.

Most of the time, we begin with “tip-of-the-spear” issues – such as defining your core business issues and talent challenges, developing talent strategy and plan, and formalizing an actionable implementation roadmap.

But if you are already satisfied with what you have, we can jump right in to help you activate the employer brand and EVP, design or enhance experiences, choose the right ATS and related technologies, operationalize or optimize programs across talent acquisition and recruiting, source and develop pools of talented people, and more.

After our initial work together is completed, you can either have us continue on as your partner – to provide ongoing support or to manage entire streams of work – or you can have us stand down.

While engaged, we prefer to collaborate with full transparency and as an extension of your team. We’re set up to handle everyday conversations by phone, text, email, Asana / Slack, (or other), and we can provide you with daily, weekly or monthly check-ins, ad-hoc breakout sessions, and more.

Everything we do – from making partnering on strategic issues easier and more affordable, to how we approach planning, drive implementation, and execute programs to deliver better outcomes, as well as the option to hit the “pause” button and our promise to leave behind all intellectual property – is designed to solve your problems and also neutralize conflicts of interest.

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