POS Sourcing Support

We'll partner with you to complete sourcing-related narrow and targeted streams of work.

Our POS Sourcing Support seamlessly integrates and becomes a natural extension of your internal resourcing team.

POS (for Point-of-Service) Sourcing Support is a niche service that is ideal for when you want to offload an individual stream of work – or need hyper-targeted assistance within the larger sourcing program or talent pipelining effort.

Many companies that use POS Sourcing already have a defined process in place – they do not need a RPO provider to design an entire sourcing program or process – and just need a small amount of help in one specific area. Others simply don’t want to fully outsource their sourcing or recruiting process but do need help with one part or piece of the process.

Below are three times when it makes sense to consider our POS Sourcing Support:

  • You need our targeted research support to map the market or make a list of the top 20/50/100 competitors in the field.
  • You need our targeted content editing or social media support to help shape perceptions during a longer-term sourcing initiative.
  • You need our targeted branding and marketing support to help improve brand messages and marketing campaigns, or to develop hiring profiles, candidate personas, fit definitions (across culture, performance and role/skills) for specific role families.

This service runs at an hourly rate and is billed weekly or monthly. Consider our Sourcing RPO Partner service if you are looking for full outsourced sourcing to support your in-house team.

Our Process


We’ll learn about your company and your specific requirements – and review your employer brand and employee value propositions, and familiarize ourselves with your existing processes.


We’ll work together to set project timelines and objectives based on your sourcing requirements. We’ll define our project team and establish a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to set performance expectations, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

(Note: We can help you to refine your existing strategy and/or implement best practice recruitment software, if that is required prior to our engagement; As a separate consulting SOW)


With the right tools in place, and after we assign a dedicated project manager to your account, we can begin our work through an hourly fee arrangement.

We’ll also make ourselves available through ad-hoc breakout sessions, weekly check-ins, and support via phone, text, email, Slack/Asana or other. After our time together, we’ll debrief and complete an outcomes evaluation – and can even provide post-engagement training or retained support at your request. And as a bonus, our work is yours to keep – including all candidate research, pertinent information, content marketing, and related data and content.

It’s easy to get started with TalentSum.

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