POS Sourcing Support

We'll partner with you to complete sourcing-related narrow and targeted streams of work.

POS Sourcing for Members can seamlessly integrate and become a natural extension of your internal resourcing team.

POS Sourcing for Members is ideal for when you need hyper-targeted assistance within a larger sourcing program or when you need a small amount of help to support your in-house efforts. 

Below are three times when we think it makes sense to consider our POS Sourcing for Members option:

  • You want to make a list of all the top competitors in the field or within a specific region or geographic location.
  • You want to build a list of all the potential candidates who fit a talent/skill profile, or work at your competition, within a specific region or geographic location.
  • You want to help sourcing more qualified candidate during an executive search process or for a vital and important role.

POS Sourcing for Members is tailored to our members’ needs and runs at an ad-hoc rate and is billed monthly. Consider our Sourcing RPO Partner service if you are looking for full outsourced sourcing to support your in-house team.

Our Process

As a TalentSum member, we should already be familiar with your existing programs and processes, but we’ll want to re-review your company website and literature, organizational charts, brand and marketing materials, employee handbooks, and job descriptions to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.

Then, we’ll come together to set project timelines and objectives based on your sourcing requirements. We’ll define our core project team and draft a brief Service Level Agreement (SLA) to set performance expectations and key performance indicators (KPIs).

(Note: We can help you to refine your existing strategy and/or implement best practice recruitment software, if that is required prior to our POS Sourcing engagement; As a separate consulting SOW)

Technology and Tools

Most sourcing efforts involve some level of technology and tools – either brought in or as part of the existing talent acquisition infrastructure. We’ll work with you to determine who needs to bring what technology and tools to the engagement. If you lack the right technologies, we can help.

Tech/tools for sourcing might include:

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and CRMs
  • Browser Extensions
  • Job Ads / Job Distribution
  • LinkedIn Recruiter / Job boards
  • Resume Databases
  • Email Finding Tools
  • Background Checking
  • Screening / Assessment Tools

(NOTE: TalentSum has experience working with many best practice tools and chrome extensions and sourcing platforms. We can help you configure the right set to support this type of effort).

Once the right level of effort and resources are established, we’ll be ready to begin sourcing. After our successful sourcing effort has completed, we’ll debrief and complete an outcomes evaluation – and can even provide post-engagement training or retained support at your request. And as a bonus, we’ll hand over ALL candidate research so you can make additional hires (with or without our future help) at no additional cost. This means we don’t “own” your candidates, sourcing efforts, or pipelines – they are all yours to keep.

It’s easy to get started with TalentSum.

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