Sourcing RPO Partner

We'll save your recruiters and hiring managers from the daily grind of sourcing.

Our Sourcing RPO Partner service frees your recruiters and hiring managers to focus on the higher end tasks.

As a natural extension of your in-house team, we are set up to be your project-based sourcing partner. The most common reasons to consider this service include:

  • Not enough qualified candidates to hire to fill open jobs
  • Available candidates don’t have necessary skills or knowledge
  • Unable to compete effectively with the big national brands

RPO for sourcing is ideal for when you need to bring best practices and proven processes to the table to address short-term needs by providing extra sourcing-specific bandwidth to recruiters or hiring managers within the company.

This service starts from $7,500 per month with initial 3/mo pilot and quarterly reset. Only making a few hires? Consider our Lite Sourcing Support service.


Sometimes referred to as “project-based”, this type of RPO service is designed with up-and-down scalability in mind. We’ll assign a dedicated lead and any number of sourcing specialists ranging from one person working only part-time hours all the way up to multiple people. And then we can scale up to satisfy your times of high demand and scale down to manage costs during times when there is no need.

As your Sourcing RPO Partner, TalentSum works as an extension of your team to bring recruiters, sources and talent associates with the ability to source difficult to find highly qualified technical talent. We are able to support hiring managers in a number of ways, including: work with them to improve attraction, standardize and edit/change job descriptions, source for qualified candidates, screen and assess them, and even help individual hiring managers move candidates through from interview through the on boarding process.

Our Process

The entire pre-implementation process can take anywhere from one day to a few weeks, depending on the scope of the engagement. This process includes:

  • Identify Your Business Challenge
  • Determine Your Business Strategy
  • Identify Your Specific Business Drivers
  • Design Your Custom Sourcing Solution

After we’ve completed all the above, we’ll implement and execute your new sourcing service to maximize outcomes across attraction, recruitment, hiring and/or on boarding.

The bulk of our sourcing work will be spread across a range of process areas, including: interfacing and communicating with hiring managers, job profiling and design, competitive research, pipeline development, candidate pre-screening, and handing off to recruiters or hiring managers. It might look something like this:

Sourcing Partner

Implementation – Go Time

Our custom engagement begins with a 3 month pilot to ease change and establish proof of concept. This will serve as a benchmarking period to establish baselines for measurements. Having these baselines in place will hold our team accountable and help us to adjust the service to fit the need.

Implementation for our Sourcing RPO Partner service can include:

  • Creating job descriptions for each position
  • Developing a thorough sourcing and networking plan for the harder to place positions
  • Coordinating and posting all open positions on internet job boards
  • Making the “cold” calls to find the passive candidates
  • Sourcing for candidates using social media
  • Screening all resumes and applications
  • Scheduling and conducting candidate interviews
  • Submitting qualified candidates to hiring managers
  • Background and reference checks
  • Coordinating and negotiating offers of employment

In addition to any dedicated guidance and support we provide your team, we’ll also make ourselves available through ad-hoc breakout sessions, weekly check-ins, and support via phone, text, email, Slack or other.

After each quarter/month term, we’ll debrief and complete an outcomes evaluation to bench the following term. And as an added bonus, we hand over all candidate research so you can make additional hires at no additional cost. This means we don’t “own” your candidates – they are all yours to keep. We can also provide post-engagement training or ad-hoc monthly support at your request.

It’s easy to get started with TalentSum.

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