Talent Data Research & Analysis

Draw actionable insights you can use from candidate and employee data.

We help you to draw actionable insights from candidate and employee data so you can attract top talent, keep highly engaged employees, and build up high-performing cultures.

As a natural extension of your in-house team, we can support your talent data research and analysis efforts with any of the following:

  • Define Success Profiles – Pull the right data and develop insights necessary to identify signature traits that distinguish your best performers.
  • Understand Best Fit – Collect subjective and objective data about your employees to better define fit across culture, performance and job roles.
  • Improve Quality of Hire – Research the characteristics of your new recruits to improve your recruitment process.
  • Target Talent Pools – Build a detailed map to visualize the supply of talent in a particular locale.
  • Optimize Channels – Use attraction, engagement and referral data to develop a comprehensive view to focus channel investments.
  • Reduce Attrition Rates – Cross reference attrition variables with historic data and past resignations to identify causes of attrition and improve retention.
  • Find Success Factors – Determine common drivers, character traits, attributes, and skills to find hidden correlations to predict success.
  • Key Data Dashboards – Build dashboards with next-step visualization from various sources to highlight, track or identify areas of importance across attraction, identification, selection, hiring, and on-boarding.
  • Executive Dashboards – Stay on top of everything and get realtime insights on talent acquisition performance to support and improve your executive decisions.

How We Engage

We begin our time together with a data exploration session where you tell us about your talent data goals. We’ll advise you on what data to pull and make sure all necessary data points are available before our work begins.

There are 3 ways we can engage with you:

1 Per Research Item or Visualization

Hire our team to implement and deliver next-level talent visualizations. We’ll help to slice your data and build next-level charts and dashboards, or modify existing ones, to help you visualize and make real connections and better decisions in talent acquisition that maximize your business objectives.

(NOTE: You tell us about your talent data goals and we’ll advise you on what data to pull and make sure all necessary data points are available before our work begins. We price per report or dashboard.)

2 Per Data Project

Hire our team to deliver project-based consulting to implement end-to-end projects. We’ll help you write a clear description of your requirements and break your project deliverables into several milestones with realistic delivery dates. We’ll agree on rules for working together and expectations, timing and priorities, and how often we communicate and share progress reports, and more.

Actual pricing depends on specific project deliverables plus additional $x/hour for any maintenance work outside of specified deliverables.

3 Per On-Demand Resource

For short and longer-term augmentation support, we’ll learn about your goals, deliverables, the skills you are looking for, and then match you with one of our on-site or remote data experts. We’ll agree on how often we communicate and share progress reports, and determine start dates for working together. (Actual pricing depends on team resource).

How to Connect

Fill out the form below to tell us about your challenge with data. A member of our team will contact you shortly to arrange a conversation with no commitments necessary. Your privacy is important to us (privacy policy)