Talent Strategy & Plan

We'll work with you to align talent strategy with organizational goals and direction of your business strategy.

We’ll help you to develop the talent strategy and plan to support your corporate and business strategy and set a solid foundation for talent attraction and engagement.

Our structured approach is designed to align talent strategy with the organization and direction of your business strategy – and show gaps, challenges, and issues related to the existing workforce.

Your new talent strategy and plan will serve as the guide to implement your top talent goals and strategies and become your “true north” for everything that follows – from the attraction, identification, and evaluation of potential candidates to the selection, hiring, and onboarding of new employees. 

Our outline for developing your talent strategy and plan is as follows:

  • Assess Current State of External Business Issues
  • Assess Current State of Business Strategy
  • Assess Core Capabilities
  • Understand Core Drivers
  • Analyze Gaps
  • Define Desired State
  • Develop New Insights and Prioritize Actions
  • Architect Top level Messaging for Talent Strategy
  • Formalize Plan Goals, Strategies and Tactics
  • Review/Evaluate and Revise as Necessary
  • Deliver Formal Presentation

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