Create a Unifying Employer Brand

We were asked to strengthen an employer brand and develop an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to help attract more of the right talented people into the company.

Our job was to completely redefine and build up a new employer brand and EVP framework. Our first step was to review the existing brand, research all the related content we could find, and identify and analyze over 50 of their competitors. Once our employer brand / EVP research was completed – and only after we had a clear understanding of the entire situation – we began to define and architect the core employer brand and all related content that would hang from that top-level message.

Once our new and improved employer brand was established, we began to define our EVP messaging and related content. We uncovered new insights and we used them to architect our messaging around a set of stronger value propositions – ones that could attract the type of people the company wanted most.

This effort moved the core messaging away from “great work” and “fun place” to a set of six concepts that included trust, transparency,  autonomy, impact and inclusivity and more. The end result was a deeper, more defined EVP framework that we could use to build job-related and blog content.

Interestingly enough, two big discoveries included: the company’s service process was a point of pride and everyone viewed it as a key competitive differentiator, and the firm invested considerable time and effort to create a real and positive impact in the community – but hardly ever mentioned it in employer conversation, employer brand messaging, or employer-related content.

Our team helped to uncover one unified employer brand core, four clear employer brand differentiators, and a suite of six interlocking true value propositions. And we use this new core brand message to completely redesign a new career site (and content). And we extended our new insights (and content) throughout the organization to support the company’s talent attraction and engagement efforts.


New EB/EVP Framework


Weak EB/EVP themes


Build common themes to attract


We were asked to strengthen an employer brand and help develop an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to attract the right talented people into the company.