Fresh Employer Brand & Digital Presence + CMS/ATS

We were asked to launch a new digital presence to help the organization improve visibility, stand out in a crowded and mature market, and attract more of the right people.

Up against larger, more established competitors, a workforce solution provider wanted to stand out in the crowded and mature market and attract more of the right people. They had outgrown their current website and marketing efforts, and needed guidance on how to tell their story, connect with more people, and implement system-wide improvements. The company also had two subsidiary brands that needed to fit within the parent brand’s message and content.

Based on recommendations informed by initial discovery sessions and our brand research, the company needed to transform the brand, revising their strategy and content, and launching an entirely new web presence to support better interaction with everyone inside and outside the business.

What We Did:

  • We brought an entirely refreshed and branded corporate website to market.
  • We delivered the new website on an easy-to-use, robust and scalable content management platform.
  • We helped to redefine corporate strategy and strategically position new messaging.
  • We wrote new branded content that spoke clearly and more directly to target audiences.
  • We connected a leading applicant tracking system and social media to the new digital presence, creating a seamless and fully integrated experience.

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New Digital Presence


Crowded Market


More Visible, Better Attraction


Candidate Marketing , Talent Data & Analysis

We transformed the brand, revised their strategy and content, and launched an entirely new web presence to support better interaction with everyone inside and outside the business.