Retained VP Talent Acquisition Support Program

The CEO of a growing professional services firm wanted to upgrade and expand the company’s approach to talent acquisition and recruiting.

Senior leadership wanted quality of hire dramatically improved, while reducing costs – and they wanted to establish “talent” as a true competitive advantage for the firm. Knowing TalentSum, the CEO engaged the firm to serve as an interim VP of Talent Acquisition to:

  • provide strategic direction and tactical support on an ongoing basis
  • activate a strong employer brand and value proposition
  • establish processes and procedures for talent attraction and recruiting
  • design a new career site; choose, implement, and maintain the ATS
  • attract and engage new talent with employer content and recruitment marketing
  • build talent pools, source, and also support the recruiting activities
  • provide selection support to existing in-house hiring managers
  • provide guidance on all searches within the firm

Prior, there was no unifying program and recruiting lacked consistency with its procedures. There were no talent pools for future roles within the firm and there was no formal approach to sourcing and pipelining talent into open positions. There was also no plan for a system or ATS and no real expectations. The client had an outdated approach to managing candidates through the various stages (applicant to hired) and lacked the right processes and forms required for effective and fast hiring. The hiring managers lacked the time to effectively source, attract and select the top candidates, and so time to hire was lengthier than necessary.

TalentSum served as an interim Talent Acquisition leader and provided strategic direction, developed a vision and “employer brand” for the firm, created strategies and tactics to enable that vision, established a new foundation for better procedures, processes, and technology, and provided dedicated support to set direction and work with the hiring-team members.

In addition to the above, TalentSum was responsible for creating guiding principles, developing core technology and programs for the department – including social tools, forms and more – and continued to guide and support activities within the firm. TalentSum developed hiring profiles, candidate personas, job profiles, and job descriptions to help identify, screen and select top candidates. TalentSum also created and designed blog posts, interviews, and more to support attraction and engagement.

TalentSum was re-signed three years in a row and (still) remains a valuable team member in the design, development, and maintenance of the talent acquisition function.

Need ongoing help with talent acquisition?

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Retained Talent Acquisition Support Programs


Need for program redesign and management.


Upgrade programs and manage them


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We were asked to upgrade and expand a company’s approach to talent acquisition and recruiting and three years later, we still manage the effort.