Talent Acquisition Accelerator Program & Sourcing Support

From activating the employer brand, to hiring profiles and candidate personas, to implementing a new ATS and delivering multiple pools of qualified people for growing company.

The CEO of an emerging digital firm was paying 20-30% success fees to a traditional recruitment agency for new hires. A revision to the business model required a different approach and the CEO needed to act fast. Within a few weeks, we had defined the types of candidates who excel, designed and implemented new attraction and hiring processes, implemented a new career site and ATS, jumpstarted the company’s new recruitment and hiring program by building up multiple pools of talent for the future, and more.

Our first meeting was a discovery session where we used our time to learn more about the company and their specific requirements, real (verses perceived) needs, mission and philosophy, strategic goals and objectives, and their desired outcomes.

To better understand the company and its people, we asked the CEO to complete a Voice of the Employer Survey, and then we had a few key employees complete a confidential Voice of the Employee survey.

We translated the raw data into a set of actionable insights, and then used our new intel to map new preferences, attributes, behaviors, character traits, interests, values, and all the necessary skills required to succeed within the company.

After we finished our strategy work and data analysis, we completed a set of tactical deliverables, including:

  • We designed a hiring profile, and a set of candidate personas, to help the team target and assess active and passive candidates.
  • We defined the set of skills for each role based on performance required to succeed and add value in the job.
  • We set up a new career site, with new content and brand messaging – and we implemented a new applicant tracking system for everyone on the team to use.
  • We worked with the CEO to upgrade the existing recruitment and hiring process – from the right set of hiring profiles, to accurate candidate personas and job descriptions, to personalized interview questions, and through other changes to the interview staging/structure, and more – to help identify and assess talent, and improve the ability to recruit and hire more of the right people into the company.
  • And we created multiple talent pools – with 100’s of potential qualified candidates in each pool – to jumpstart their new program.

During our time together, we worked in a completely transparent manner and collaborated through ad-hoc breakout sessions, check-ins, and support via phone, text, and email. We set up a shared Google Drive folder for them and included a complete document library of resources. We still continue to provide ongoing support for this company and CEO.

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