Talent Acquisition Accelerator Program & Hiring Support

We were asked to help an emerging technology firm launch a new talent acquisition function so they could expand past their initial wave of employees.

Specifically, our client wanted to build a strong employer brand, define a compelling value proposition, launch an attractive career site, and put in place all the other content and messaging related to the effort. They also wanted to set up an approach to screening and assessing candidates based on culture/skill fit, interview processes and scorecards based on skills/performance required to succeed in the role – as well as the necessary recruiting technology, stages and workflows, and recruitment/hiring programs to enable them to attract, identify, engage, hire, and onboard the right people. And they wanted all of this to be up and running within a few weeks (not months) so they could quickly begin to recruit candidates and hire new team members.

Our Talent Acquisition Accelerator in Action

TalentSum’s Talent Acquisition Accelerator is ideal for younger companies looking to establish a strategic and structured program or for mid-size firms looking to revise what they already have in place.

We began our client engagement with a discovery session and then collected and analyzed their data

  • We held a discovery session to learn more about the company, including their specific requirements, real (verses perceived) needs, mission and philosophy, strategic goals and objectives, and desired outcomes.
  • To better understand their people, and to round out our data, we asked employees to complete “confidential” Voice of the Employee surveys. We also had leadership complete a Voice of the Employer Survey.
  • We used our data to build up other actionable insights and to map out preferences, attributes, behaviors, character traits, interests, values, and the necessary skills and fit required to succeed in the culture and role.
  • We presented our findings to the team and used the moment to also discuss how our new insights could be leveraged across attraction, engagement and hiring.

We used our new insights to built up a strong employer brand, value proposition, and core messaging

  • We created a strong and authentic employer brand, compelling and validated employee value proposition (EVP), and other core messaging to support all other content.
  • We developed a clear and authentic employer story with related content to rally employees and motivate potential candidates to want to join the firm.
  • We worked with the team to define 2-3 clear candidate personas (built around their core attributes) to better target and assess both active and passive candidates.
  • We worked with the team to define “right fit” (across culture, performance, and role/job) and right skills for each job (based on performance required to succeed and add value in the role)

We set attraction programs, recruiting technology, and hiring processes to get the right people in the door

After we defined required skills and fit, activated the brand, and established all of our messaging, we worked with internal hiring managers to ramp up recruiting efforts and supported them as they engaged candidates and moved them through the various stages from application and sourcing to hiring and onboarding.

  • We worked with the team to establish a new approach to talent attraction and engagement and put guide documentation in place to help the team follow a better approach to identifying, attracting, engaging and hiring top talent.
  • We set up a brand new career site – complete with all new career content and messaging.
  • We implemented recruitment technology – in this case a robust/scalable applicant tracking system everyone on the team would find easy to use.
  • We worked with leadership to set up new recruitment and hiring processes to help them identify and assess right-fit talent, and  improve their ability to recruit and hire them into the company using personalized interview questions and scorecards and more.
  • We worked with individual hiring managers to build up new hiring profiles, accurate candidate personas, and attractive job descriptions.
  • We worked with individual hiring managers to source and advertise to build up talent pools of potential candidates.
  • We provided strategic advice on issues related to helping the team attract and prescreen/filter candidates, moving candidates through the right stages of the pipeline, helping the team understand who to qualify and disqualify, and helping the team evaluate/interview, debrief, check references, hire and onboard, and more.

And during the whole time, we provided full team support and even left behind a complete document kit

During this entire effort we worked in a completely transparent manner and provided ongoing support to help guide leadership and assist the hiring team. We collaborated through ad-hoc breakout sessions, check-ins, and support via phone, text, and email and we set up a shared Google Drive folder with a complete document library of resources that included:

  • all data collection and analysis (for employer and employees)
  • full employee value proposition workup documentation
  • draft of career site content / messaging
  • guide document for developing a personalized fit profile
  • guide document for setting up interview processes
  • guide document for setting up recruiting processes
  • documentation for building hiring profiles, candidate personas, and job profiles
  • interview format and questions
  • personalized interview scorecards for each role (skills, fit and more)
  • post interview debriefs (PIDs)
  • reference check worksheets (with format/questions)
  • documents to support exit interviews (with checklist)
  • spreadsheet with (weighted) list of keywords and phrases to SEO/optimize
  • how to documentation for writing content, blogging to rank in organic search
  • and other related items

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Talent Acquisition Accelerator


No systems, processes, programs, or technology in place.


Need to quickly set up a scaleable TA/Recruiting program to ramp up hiring.


Candidate Marketing , Sourcing & Assessment , Talent Data & Analysis , Technology & Optimization

We were asked to help an emerging technology firm establish a brand new talent acquisition function complete with systems, programs, processes, and technology.