Our Lab

Our product lab mandate is to experiment independently with all forms and do our part to build the future of talent acquisition.

We push the boundaries to find new solutions that work.

We’re on a mission to transform how companies attract, engage and hire their people. And we build because it’s our job to look for new ways to modernize and maximize outcomes all across the talent acquisition landscape.

Member-based Partner Plan

TalentSum Pro was designed for the talent acquisition leader looking to start with a lean assessment and collaborative partner ready to jump in to help shape the future, reimagine experiences, or get a whole lot more work done.

The way we engage is quite simple. We begin with a lean assessment to learn more about your company and specific problems to solve. Then we share and explore our findings and come to an agreement on the right blend of strategic, tactical, and transactional work you will need from us to move forward.

Employer Brand Index

Want to learn how your employer brand is perceived by others and how you compare to the competition? We’re developing a new platform that combines intelligence, trends research, and performance monitoring for employers.

When fully launched, our platform will monitor employer brand performance, share and compare results (alerts and reporting; relative to peers; aggregate and anonymous only), identify areas of concern or proactively identify gap/opportunities, and make useful predictions based on the data collected from all users within a peer benchmark group.

Accelerator Program

Want to quickly establish a brand new, strategic and structured program so you can expand past the initial wave of employees? Our talent acquisition accelerator service is designed with startups and emerging companies in mind.

We’ll learn about your company and work together to set project timelines and objectives. With the right tools, KPI’s, and SOW in place, and after we assign a dedicated project manager to your account, we’ll begin our work. We’ll also make ourselves available through ad-hoc breakout sessions, weekly check-ins, phone, text, email, Slack/Asana or other. And as a bonus, our work is yours to keep.

Employer Media Site

Skillaroo was launched to help improve the connection between employer brands and young adult workers between the ages 18-34 looking to discover their careers and connect to meaningful work.

Curated by our editorial team, Skillaroo combines employer-based journalism, sponsored ads, content marketing, employer branding, career advertising, storytelling, videos, and great jobs into an easy-to-digest, employer content media format.

What TalentSum does and doesn’t do


Better Attraction
More Engagement
Optimized Hiring


No “hard-sell”
No Lock-ins
No junk mail

Want to modernize your approach to talent acquisition? If you like what we’re doing we should talk about working together.