Employee Engagement

Join the TalentSum Talent Acquisition Research Study

In our Talent Acquisition Research Study, we’re doing a deep-dive into what it takes for companies to become great at attracting, engaging and hiring people.

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Here’s How Employers and Recruiters Can Attract More Candidates and Keep More Employees

Do you struggle to attract enough good people? After you hire, can you keep people engaged and morally committed? If you are like most employers, this is a challenge that keeps you up at night. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Two small changes can ease your pain.Read More

8 Cartoons on How Bad Employer Interviews Scare Good Candidates Away

Are you interviewing candidates only to see them walk out the door and never return? Let’s stop this madness. Below are eight examples of bad employer interviews and eight tips to make it all better.
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How to Attract More Candidates Into Your Company

Employer cacophony is making it harder to break through and attract more candidates that you really want to hire into your organization.

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How to Improve Candidate Engagement at Your Company

Imagine, for a moment, a neighbor on the hill sent out an invitation across the land for a party he was throwing the next day. Thousands of people were talking about it in the streets. Suits were being pressed, shoes were being polished, and hair and nails were being done. And everyone went to bed that night excited about the party.

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