Employer Value Proposition

The Beginner’s Guide to Talent Attraction: Candidate Personas and Discovering Your Company Core Values (Part Six)

Back to Part Five – Developing the Employee Value Proposition

In Part 6 of our blog series on Talent Attraction, TalentSum’s Christopher Mengel explains the candidate persona and will show you how to discover your company core values that will be used to support (or feed into) your candidate persona development in the next session. It might help to think of this exercise as a bridge that will show you how to go from many individual data points to a few themes or ideas to the development of a clear set of core values used to support most of your future talent attraction efforts.

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How to Create An Effective Employee Value Proposition

We’ll use this breakout session to expand your thoughts and show how to go from raw data to the creation of an effective employee value proposition.

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How to Design a Talent Attraction Perception Survey

The talent attraction perception survey is one of the most important tools in your talent acquisition toolbox.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Talent Attraction: Developing the Employee Value Proposition (Part Five)

Back to Part Four – Understanding the Employer Brand

In Part 5 of our blog series on Talent Attraction, TalentSum’s Christopher Mengel explains the employee value proposition and helps you to think around this important issue. Use this post as a guide to help organize your thoughts and to get moving in the right direction.

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The Importance of a Compelling Employee Value Proposition

A compelling employee value proposition plays a critical role in your ability to attract talented people into the organization. It’s the structural mechanism that supports all other communication materials.

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How to Discover Your Most Effective Employer Brand Message

An effective employer brand communicates the core value proposition and the attractiveness of the organization as a place to work and thrive for it’s employees.

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The Power of Small HR Data

Over ninety percent of U.S. executives agree that using HR data is important but less than ten percent believe they know how to use data in HR. It doesn’t have to be this way.

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How to Conduct an Employer Brand Study

Conducting an employer brand study to uncover your authentic employer brand plays a pivotal role in sharing what your company stands for and what you expect from others.

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Here’s How Employers and Recruiters Can Attract More Candidates and Keep More Employees

Do you struggle to attract enough good people? After you hire, can you keep people engaged and morally committed? If you are like most employers, this is a challenge that keeps you up at night. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Two small changes can ease your pain.Read More

How the CMO Can Improve Your Employer Brand Identity

In 2013, Chief Marketing Officers everywhere were told that “recruiting is becoming more and more like marketing every year” (Deloitte / Bersin). Here’s what they can do about it.
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