Job Description

Elements of a Good Career Site; Ideas to Improve Your Own Career Page

Looking for ways to improve your career site? Follow these tips to improve your ability to attract and connect with potential candidates.

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Elements of a Good Job Description; Steps to Follow

Want to build up a good job description? Follow these tips to improve your ability to reach and attract more of the right people to your company.

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Why Your Job Description Is Where Dreams Go To Die

The way we promote jobs is all wrong. We should be drawing people in, beating the company drum, and showing candidates what’s waiting on the inside. We should be differentiating our companies, shaping candidate expectations, and doing a better job at explaining why our jobs are worth having.

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7 Ways Recruiters Can Attract More Good Candidates

Ever notice, that when we make something easy, we can usually get more people to take action? But when we make that same thing harder, we get less people to take the same action. Call it human nature. Or common sense. Or plain old laziness.Read More

How to Fix Your Broken Job Descriptions

How many times have you, as an employer, been excited about sharing a new career opportunity only to see too few of the right people apply? It can be a real drag. Here’s how to fix it.

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