Here’s How TalentSum is Different

Whenever something new and different comes along people try to describe it by comparing it with what they already know.

Now, more than ever, companies need to lead with a more strategic approach to stand out in a crowd, attract and engage more right-fit people, and gain a real competitive advantage. And in today’s competitive environment, companies must be able to recruit – but increasingly, they must also have real chops across analytics, marketing, sourcing and technology to succeed. This is where TalentSum comes in.

We’re not a “third-party recruiting firm”. We’re actually a talent acquisition consultancy and best practices implementation firm that provides talent consulting, POS and project-based RPO solutions, and on-demand resourcing to small and mid-size companies.

Our solutions combine strategy, marketing, technology, sourcing and analytics to deliver work in a way that transforms how our clients attract, engage and hire people and dramatically reduces costs and cycle-time.

And we do this because we believe strategic talent acquisition creates a real competitive advantage for the business, supports the objectives of talent leaders, hiring managers and recruiting professionals, and can lead to highly engaged employees and high-performing cultures.

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This means we’re not going to fill your inbox with unsolicited resumes and we certainly won’t be cold calling you to get all your “open job reqs”. But don’t feel bad for us. We’re okay being something different.

With our strategic approach, and complimentary suite of solutions for talent acquisition, CEOs and talent leaders rely on us for guidance and assistance and to optimize the talent acquisition landscape and help take their ability to attract, engage and hire to higher levels of success.

If we’re not contingency recruiters or retained search specialists then what are we? We’re Data-heads. Strategists. Marketers. Journalists. Researchers. Technologists. Innovators. And we’re ready to help you be great across talent acquisition.

  • Analytics – We’re really into data and research. Both qualitative and quantitative. And we love to uncover it, compile it and translate it into actionable insights and plans. We help you identify new opportunities and understand preferences, truths and behaviors. We help you discover where your best hires come from. We help you understand which career and value options appeal to niche candidates. We help you figure out which levers are the right ones to pull to boost performance and engagement. And we help you understand the types of people and skills that might be a good fit in your jobs, company and culture.
  • Marketing – It’s in our DNA. Our people absolutely LOVE to push boundaries, create compelling connections and solve client problems. We help you understand and activate your employer brand to improve differentiation and drive a sense of ownership. We help you uncover true value propositions that speak directly to right target groups of people. We help you shape and deliver content marketing and career sites to help make a good first impression and attract more “right-fit” people. We help you improve touch-points and the engagement journey. We help you nurture and engage “right-fit” candidates.
  • Technology – We are technophiles. We know our way around hundreds of technologies and tools and we can help you navigate through the chaos. We help you optimize your talent acquisition processes and ATS and CRM platforms to improve flexibility and quick change to adapt and stay competitive. We help you build new digital experiences that will transform talent attraction, candidate referral and candidate engagement across the whole organization. We help you select and implement new technology applications across: Employer Brand Management, Candidate Relationship Management, Social Recruiting, Sourcing and Social Sourcing, Referral and Feedback, Employee Engagement, Video/Mobile, Applicant Tracking, Talent Analytics, and more.
  • Sourcing – It’s in our blood. We help you implement RPO solutions and help you build talent pipelines to proactively anticipate new market direction. With our sourcing solution, we can help you filter large groups of candidates and shortlist into a manageable subset of qualified candidates. We’ll help connect into new networks and reach the people inside dozens of channels – including Entelo, TalentBin, Dice, Glassdoor, Twitter, Facebook, Gild, LinkedIn, and hundreds of sector and niche sites like Meetup, Github, Stack Overflow, Whitetruffle, Geeklist, HackerRankX and more.

While we don’t lead with “high success fee” recruiting, there are actually a few instances when we believe it makes sense to help you recruit through a fixed-fee or flat-fee option. So, we can absolutely support your recruiting needs, but we’re not pinning our business model to charging you high success fees for people.

Are you a CEO or talent leader looking to transform how you attract, engage and hire people? Contact us to discuss your challenge or learn more about our talent acquisition solutions. If you know that you have problems, but are not sure where to start, consider TALENTSUM 360 (our talent acquisition assessment) or our Pro Plan where we work with you as much or as little as you like.

Here’s How TalentSum is Different

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