TalentSum Shortlisted as a Top Recruitment Sourcing Firm in 2018

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TalentSum is gaining traction as an alternative for companies looking for recruitment sourcing support.

Our team just received word that a popular HR media firm is working on their annual edition of their RPO-centric magazine – and their evaluation panel has just shortlisted TalentSum as a “Top 10 RPO Firms 2019”, an annual listing of exceptional outsourcing firms who drive cost, quality, efficiency, service, and scalability benefits in the recruitment process.

Below are two sourcing solutions we provide for your needs:

Option #1 – Lite Sourcing Support (a little sourcing help)

This service is ideal for when you want to outsource a single stream of work, need some assistance mapping or pipelining talent, or want extra help while making one (or a few) difficult hires. Lite Sourcing Support runs at an hourly rate and is billed weekly or monthly. Learn more >

Option #2 – Sourcing RPO Partner (a full sourcing partner)

Sometimes referred to as “project-based”, this type of RPO service is designed with up-and-down scalability in mind. We’ll assign a dedicated lead and any number of sourcing specialists ranging from one person working only part-time hours all the way up to multiple people. And then we can scale up to satisfy your times of high demand and scale down to manage costs during times when there is no need. Sourcing RPO Partner starts from $7,500 per month with initial 3/mo pilot and quarterly reset. Learn more >

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Christopher Mengel is the founder of TalentSum LLC, a strategic talent acquisition consultancy and best practices implementation firm. Some of the world’s most notable companies partner with TalentSum to activate a strong employer brand, attract more people who fit, improve engagement and experiences, and deliver high-performing cultures.

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TalentSum Shortlisted as a Top Recruitment Sourcing Firm in 2018

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