Telling Stories about Career Jobs and Opportunities

We build job stories that provide insight into interesting jobs and career roles to help people see new career possibilities.

There are millions of people who lack visibility into interesting jobs and career roles. Some of these people are younger students without family support, mentors or advisers willing to help them see potential options or a clear path forward. Others are adult workers who simply lack the view into other different careers. Our job stories are like a 30 minute conversation with someone who has been working in the industry.

[blockquote] The objective of each job story is to provide some insight and basic information about a job or career role, and we use them to teach people about the industry and/or craft. [/blockquote] We begin our job and role stories with a brief description and we move right into one or two day-in-the-life video vignettes or videos that explain the role or skill. We try to add some good advice on getting into the role followed by a few links to information and resources about the role or industry – and a link or two to a choice employer. We close each one with a set of links to career and job boards.

Telling Stories about Career Jobs and Opportunities

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