The Power of AI in Recruiting: The Online Video Interview

The online video interview has the potential to become so much more. Artificial Intelligence will show us the way.

Imagine during an online video interview a candidate tells you about the time they integrated four leading technologies into one elegant solution. It leaves an impression on you and makes you want to share it with someone, accurately and word-for-word. What do you do?

Years ago, we’d probably need to go back into the video to locate that one section and transcribe it. Hit play, stop and take a note. Hit play again, stop and take another note. Stopping and starting over and over again to get the words exactly right.

Over the years, the searching, accessing and sharing of video data has been made easier with new online video interview tools. These new solutions allow us to hold the interview, ship it to the cloud, rate and comment, tag and filter, share with others and then be alerted when the hiring manager views the interview.

The Power of AI

Increasingly, we’re able to search video as easily as we search email. Most of us now have the ability to auto-transcribe a file faster than we can speak the actual words. Some lucky individuals can even embed notes and corrections, accurately, and share it with relative ease. But is this the best we can do?

What if AI could help us to read and understand candidate ticks or subconscious movements? What if it could help us to gauge truthfulness or EQ? What if AI could provide more reliable predictive signals and better insights? What if it could accurately connect candidates and company culture?

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The power of AI is at work all around us. We can see it taking shape in video translation at Trint and HireVue. It’s starting to show itself in candidate assessments at Interviewed. And at some point, its impact will probably be felt all across the talent acquisition landscape.

Where will AI have the biggest impact? We never really know what’s coming around the corner do we?

Our team is currently mapping out how people are using AI across talent acquisition so please contact us if your solution has the ability to transform talent acquisition in any way.

We’ll continue to cover AI in recruiting in upcoming blog posts, including: automated screening, recruiting chat bots, digitized interviews and more.

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