Using Short-Bite Content to Promote Employers

We deliver what we affectionately call a “short bite” to help people grasp a single concept or idea – and to become introduced to choice employers and their job opportunities.

How do you make a dry and boring idea, concept or theory fun to learn – and also use it to promote employer brands and their open jobs? We believe the “short bite” does the trick. [highlight1] A short bite is where we combine original content with curated content from the Web to make something entirely new that is more interesting, fun and engaging. [/highlight1]We open each short bite with a simple narrative and a set of definitions, and follow that with a few articles and video to drive the point home. We often include real-world – or make-believe – examples and usually close with a few links to employer brands and their job opportunities. Most take only 2-3 minutes to skim, and 20-30 minutes if you dive in and consider every item. Technically, it’s a learning object, but we’ve modified it and made it our own.

[pullquote]The objective of each short bite is to inform or teach, and use the moment to introduce one or two employer brands, and a few job opportunities. Each one is designed to be short and simple, easy-to-understand, and fun. [/pullquote]

In one short bite, our audience meets Frederick Herzberg, an influential American psychologist. Herzberg proposed that policies and work conditions are actually “hygiene factors”, and not true motivators. His work showed that hygiene factors deliver a specific kind of value, and are best at keeping people in the job – or stopping people from quitting their job. Herzberg proposed that motivator factors worked much better to encourage and create longer-term motivation.

It’s important for people to know how to motivate others. All too often, even good managers try to use hygiene factors such as policies, salaries and work conditions to motivate. The most successful leaders, and forward-thinking companies such as Medtronic and Cisco, understand that hygiene factors are not the best motivators. Since many people don’t work with top leaders in world-class environments, how do we teach this skill to everyone else? The short bite.

Motivation is very big topic, and this is not about teaching a full-length college course – or even a multi-week MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). Our goal is simply to dish out one small educational and fun morsel (a “mini-MOOC” if you will) – and have it consumed, understood, and hopefully shared. The idea is to make learning interesting and engaging, and use it to deliver new understanding, options and employer brands and new opportunities.

Using Short-Bite Content to Promote Employers

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