Your True Employer Brand is Like a Bite of Salad

Think of all the people that (even remotely) touch your employer brand. Now imagine, for a moment, that you could collect everyone’s feelings, judgments, perceptions, ideas and views about your company – and mix it all up together into a single bowl.

Go ahead, take a big bite. That taste in your mouth is your true employer brand. Yummy isn’t it? Hopefully, you want more.

Some people believe they can actually touch the employer brand – as if it’s ping-pong, clean desks, competitions, craft beer, or ultra think acid-free business card stock. Others believe the employer brand has more to do with being polite, showing up on time, thanking people, work-life balance, or providing career development and opportunity for all. There are even some who believe the employer brand is made up of chaos and noise – or attributes, core values, character traits, and leadership qualities. We need to combine all of this together – and more – to even begin to imagine the most complete version of the true employer brand.

We need to view the true employer brand as the whole enchilada, kit and caboodle, the whole hog. Or, if we use my salad metaphor, it’s one big glorious bite of everything mixed together – good or bad.

If you’ve been struggling to attract the right candidates and are losing people during the recruiting or on-boarding process, or are not able to keep the ones you have, maybe it’s time we find out what your true employer brand really tastes like.

Try to answer the following (7) questions in your mind:

Q: Why do people (really) want to work for you?

Q: What is the perception of your 10 youngest (least senior) employees have about the company?

Q: What percentage of your employees would recommend your organization as a great place to work? (hint: it should not be zero)

Q: What is your essence distilled down into a single, simple phrase? (Starbucks is “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”)

Q: What are your top three Employer Value Propositions (EVPs)? Loosely translated, Campbell’s EVP is “People are valued. And YOU can make a difference.”

Q: How are you perceived by the candidates you want to hire most?

Q: What does your candidate/employee feedback tell you about your recruitment and on-boarding process?

How did you do? If you couldn’t answer – or knew the answer but didn’t like it – maybe it’s time to ask about our lean employer brand audit. With better understanding, you’ll have people wanting more in no time.